Monday, 10 December 2012

Own your own part time pole business

So you want to start your own pole business?

A typical email we receive

I have been taking classes just for a little while maybe 6 months or so,
but I wanted to start my own pole business as there is nothing like you offer in my area. I am in Dallas Texas USA and  I have a business degree
No insurance or licenses yet but just gathering information at this point. – hope you can help.

Hi Pole friend,

Well the most important thing is to get qualified in pole! It is important that you are highly skilled and knowledgeable in teaching your chosen field to avoid injuries to not only yourself but most importantly to that of your students. We at Pole Passion offer accredited and certified International instructor training certifications and qualifications
This way you know what you’re teaching is correct, safely and effectively teaching techniques
Then think about the right pole for you, your customers (your students) and your venue – there are many on the market, some suitable for just purely light domestic use and some for teaching professionally on – we at Pole Passion highly recommend the quality, flexibility and light weight portability of the free Standing RPoles the only pole in the world that is CE marked and certified.
 and incredibly portable unlike others that claim they are but are really too heavy!!

Once you have decided on your poles and how many you would like to teach from the next step is to find a suitable venue.
We have many stipulations and recommendations on our instructor training courses that will support you in your venue choice.

Once you have these things in place think about insurance, business details such as bank accounts, accountant/book keeper, computers, telephone and communication systems
Then it’s down to marketing your new classes professionally and sensitively (as people do tend to wrongly judge if the marketing isn’t correctly done!)

Once you have your customers queuing at your door and your registers full you must focus on yourself too – so that you keep one step ahead of your students!
Focus on attending lots of master classes, competitions (even entering some maybe) and keeping your student coming back for more.  We own and operate the largest national championships Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Dance

Now having said all that we are happy to consider you for a Pole Passion License in Dallas Texas J If you are an exceptional individual who like to work hard and is passionate about people and their health goals. You would however have to attend our instructor training too, so a trip to the UK maybe or if you would like to work along side us then email us know as we will be happy to come to you?

I hope the above has helped lots and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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