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How do I structure a pole fitness class?

How do I structure a class when teaching POLE FITNESS

Refer to section taken from International Instructor Training Pole Passion accredited Level 1 instructor training Course

Refer to the work book part 1 level 1
‘Examples weekly 1hr lesson plans
Beginner course’

Within the two pages you will find examples of what we are looking for, only you will be required to do 4 x 1hr sessions for your homework and not only two that is listed in the book
Objective - listing the moves just briefly (you can refer to the core moves booklet too) also distributed on Level one REP’s accredited Pole Passion Instructor training course.

The time taken to teaching moves, tricks and spins vary from participant to participant according to their level and ability (flexibility and coordination)
In my class structure i generally have 5-6 core moves per week on paper (or now in my head) to work from.

Ensure the moves scheduled encompass a variety of muscles over the whole body so that overload of a specific muscle does not happen, creating muscle cramps and spasms

Some weeks I only use two of the planned moves during the session, because I maybe combining them with other flowing transitions and poses. If the move is difficult to master due to their flexibility or coordination 2/3 of the planned moves will be attempted and achieved in which case you can carry those moves forward to the following teachings!!
Or on the other hand if the participants pick the moves up really quickly I like to have other moves I can use too which combine with the moves I have just taught. 

Sometimes I have even been asked to show a move that is similar or a variation that is not on my plan.  I am quite happy to add that one in too if it works well with the class structure I have scheduled.

Just be careful when planning you don't do (for example) - 3/4 moves off one hand grip as this may create muscle strain 
or spin after spin, making the participants feel dizzy and unsafe,
The split grip for beginners is especially hard on the forearms and wrist so you may only wish to put 5 minutes of learning this move on your plan (carousel spin) rather than 15 minutes

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