Thursday, 24 January 2013

Paula Bines - Pole Passion advanced instructor

Paula Bines, found her passion for pole dancing back in 2008. She started as a Pole Passion student to help build her confidence and self-esteem. After having had just a few one hour lessons at our Burgess Hill studio and with no dance, gymnastic or fitness background she entered her first Miss Pole Dance UK amateur pole dancing competition. With her new found love for the pole and continual training she soon became a certified pole fitness instructor with Pole Passion.
Paula has since competed in many pole dance and fitness competitions and has performed at various shows and events. Whilst training and teaching weekly pole fitness classes for Pole Passion she is now an exceptional advanced Instructor and key member of the Pole Passion team assisting with the organisation of World Pole Dance Championship events and International training events worldwide! Paula is now fitness qualified and an advanced pole fitness instructor with Pole Passion. She strives to be the best and loves a challenge! She is currently working on being a Trainer Assessor for Pole Passion Grading system ‘Success isn't how far you've got, but how far you have travelled from where you started!’ For more in

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