Thursday, 24 January 2013

I have long nails and want to start Pole Dancing

I have long nails, will it affect my pole dancing?  A recent question to Pole Passion from a new student wanting to start pole dancing for fun and fitness

My only question... As silly as it seems, is that I have acrylic nails ... Would that make it more difficult to do pole dance fitness, is it worth getting them done shorter? I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Dani

With any sport, fitness and dance discipline it is important to keep nails at a length that they cannot get caught in clothing, hair/hair accessories, and equipment or indeed scratch you during the activity and of course pole dance fitness is no exception.

Nails that are longer than the finger length themselves  do pose more risk than nails that are not beyond the finger length. And the longer the nail the higher the risk of getting them caught and causing damage, to yourself, equipment especially mats, and or your fellow participants (should you be doing doubles pole work or spotting techniques during more intermediate advanced pole moves)

It would be our recommendation to keep nails short during training (by short we mean no longer than three millimetres beyond the finger.
Especially acrylic or gel nails, because if they get caught they are not as flexible as the more natural nail that has more flex and give in them.
The acrylic nail is more likely to damage the nail bed should it get caught, causing a more permanent and painful injury to that of the natural nail, should it get caught.

However that being said if you have had your nails a long time, depending on the length you will be more familiar with them and you will have already made adjustments to the way you do things on a daily basis.

We hope that has helped

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