Thursday, 24 January 2013

How old do I have to be to pole dance?

How old can my daughter be to start pole dancing for fitness?

We have set the age range from 16 plus in line with what our gyms want for our classes.
We will however allow 15 year olds to attend with their parent/guardian’s consent :)

We have these guidelines of 16 + as a moral guideline for our sessions is our professional answer

Our unprofessional answer would be - Just so we don't get any confused and upset weirdoes attacking us for being irresponsible people attracting girls into the sex industry!!  Soooo 1980’s

There is nothing in our syllabus that we teach that is offensive, in fact we go out of our way to make everyone comfortable with their choice of pole for their exercise and dance regime

Come along and see for yourself and that there is not anything remotely sexy during our hard physical training sessions of flexibility, core strength and coordination -   apart from the odd  body swerve ( if you choose!') - you see worse on Got to Dance from 8 year olds !!

Come and join us for fun and fitness – if you love a challenge

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