Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pole Passion Grading

Congratulations to the many Pole Passion students who have completed their level 1 grading certifications last Sunday 19th May at Nuffield health gym and wellbeing centre.
All areas including Crawley Worth and Crawley Bewbush, Reigate, East Grinstead, Littlehampton, Bognor, Chertsey, Redhill and Brighton were represented

For many students this was their first time performing their short routines outside their class training sessions and a very nervous time for many who have had no previous experience of linking moves together to make a performance.
The students choose their own music and routines under the watchful eye of their Pole Passion instructors. Naturally those with a dance background find the grading slightly easier than those who have had no other formal dance or choreography training
The Pole Passion grading’s are very new this year, although written by Kay Penney founder of Pole Passion and Debbie Merchant a former Pole Passion advanced instructor in 2009 it is only now this year it has been implemented across the schools of Pole Passion. The grading system is devised to support not only the Pole Passion team of instructors all teaching off the comprehensive, moves, transitions, tricks and poses but also to create a family of likeminded pole fitness enthusiasts and polers to share, encourage, motivate and network together in a non judgemental gym environment.

The theme, being pole fitness, where no heels, costumes or props are allowed in the routine as they are reserved for the annual Miss Pole Dance UK national championships held on 29th June (Amateur and semi pro) and 15th September 2013 (professional male and female categories)

Very well done to all the participants who all gained a PASS PLUS grade on the day and we hope to see you all at the next grading date 22nd September 2013 at Nuffield health and wellbeing Crawley West Sussex
Website info - http://www.polepassion.com/Pole_Dance_Lessons_Grading_s/1859.htm

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