Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rpolers Unite 2013 - Pole dance Jobs

RPolers required for the two forth coming Miss Pole Dance UK events of the year

MPD UK amateur and Semi – 29th June 2013 at Taylors Pole retreat
MPD UK Professional and Mr Pole Fitness UK – 15th September 2013 Hawth Theatre Crawley West Sussex (near Gatwick Airport)

Can you spare a few hours on the day on a rota system and meet the following minimum criteria

Will be required to look glamorous!! ‘Let’s get glam ladies and gents’ ITS ALL AN ATTITUDE!!

Happy, smiling and customer focused
Flexible and adaptable both on and off the pole
Happy to perform in front of others
Mad about pole!
Strong polers who love to pole (intermediate – super advanced ideally)
Passionate about all people who pole - did we mention pole?
Happy to coordinate the ‘One Trick Wonder’ RPole competition
Supporting new beginners to the pole

Rpoler Uniform will be provided (just bring a black crop top and suitable footwear for mats)

FREE all day entry ticket and access all areas pass

Future opportunities to work with the crew at international world events too

Drop us a quick line to theteam@passion-fitness.com or text us on mobile: 079219 48606 and say what it is you would like to volunteer for (which day and which area) including your full name and mobile number - we are excited to be 'working' along side you

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