Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Miss Pole Dance 2013 Ticket sales

Miss Pole Dance UK is the UK's first, longest and most successful Pole Dance Fitness event and was pioneered by Kay Penney founder of Pole Passion back in 1995 with the view of pro-actively taking Pole Dance Fitness into the mainstream dance and fitness culture.

Miss Pole Dance events have been instrumental in bringing pole fitness as a recognised sport (first competition in 2005), and has made this more accessible and accepted as a highly technical dance form and fitness routine, available to everyone. 

Miss Pole Dance showcases strength, agility and the art of pole dance through extremely challenging choreographed routines from the very best dancers who represent the cutting edge of pole sport and fitness in the United Kingdom today.

Miss Pole Dance is now the most prestigious pole dance and fitness event in the World with the Miss Pole dance and Mr Pole fitness title being the most prestigious in the industry, attracting interest from media and other countries keen to follow our lead. Miss Pole Dance is an annual event, divided into many categories, dedicated to the sheer athleticism and expertise of the top pole performers in the industry, irrespective of their background or culture. The competition team works tirelessly to support, promote and empower both men and women to be the best they can be, keeping fit and to showcase and express their skills in a safe non-judgemental environment that is Miss Pole Dance.

Miss Pole Dance - UK National Championships
- Amateur & Semi Pro Category
29th June 2013
Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur and Semi Pro championships (categories for students and instructors) including a new /amateur semi pro doubles category this year. 

Total 4 competitions
Date: 29th June 2013
At: Taylors Pole Retreat, Capel, Dorking RH5 5HF

Competition registration and start time from 12noon (1pm) - 8pm with master classes from Sarah Scott  and Nico Modestine  email us for registration and more information on theteam@polepassion.com
Applications are now closed 
Tickets can only be purchased via www.misspoledance-uk.com - Tickets are limited this year and will SELL OUT!

Miss Pole Dance - UK National Championships 
- Professional Category
15th September 2013
MISS POLE DANCE UK PROFESSIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS  including Mr Pole Fitness UK championships and Doubles category (3 competitions in all) doors open at 12noon for vendors and sponsors. 

Competition starts at 3pm - 9pm. 
DATE: Sunday 15th September 2013
AT: The Hawth Theatre, Crawley, West Sussex. Capacity 850 seated

Tickets available via the Hawth website. * click here to purchase Miss Pole Dance UK tickets * (opens a new window to Hawth web site)

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