Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trained verses Untrained Pole Sport and Fitness Instructors Scientific Evidence

Pole Passion, leaders in Pole Fitness Instructor Training is proud to submit its scientific findings, identifying that qualified instructors are more proficient leaders and better trained, than those who do not under take the  20 hours off Instructor training

Trained verses Untrained Pole Sport and Fitness Instructors
The scientific evidence now proves that Pole Passion courses are of  benefit to the untrained instructor, self taught.

A series of videos were shown before and after the course took place

Rapid eye movements were tracked on two separate occasions, detailing, what the candidate (trainee instructor) was watching and for how long and what indeed they were searching for whilst watching (assessing) the video of  moves

Mistakes and poor technique were evident in all the videos before and after the instructor training was given

Each candidate did not know what they were being tested on and were just told to watch the videos
The findings were amazing

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