Friday, 14 February 2014

World Pole Sport champion says goodbye to crown

Natalia Tatarintseva World Pole Sport and Fitness, World champion and National Miss Pole Dance champion says goodbye to her World's Crown
On 1st February Ukraine handed over the Worlds Crown to the United Kingdom winner Kate Czepulkowski
Natalia hosted masterclasses and performed an exquisite routine, dressed to impress with her artistic interpretations on and around the two poles
Never seen before clothing on and around a pole with unique half leggings covering only one leg in luminous pink

The beautiful Natalia was delighted to hand over her crown at the Hawth theatre to Kate and gave her well wishes as she revelled in the 800+ crowd cheering at her faultless routine that warranted her world class success

We hope to be seeing more of Natalia in 2014 at Miss Pole Dance Ukraine later on in the year

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