Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Why men should pole dance for fitness - with Pole Passion too

So the team at Pole Passion came up with some wonderful ideas as to why men should pole dance too - October 4th 2014

1. Increase their upper body muscle tone
2. Increase their strength
3. Increase their flexibility
4. Increase their creativity
5. Bring fun into their life
6. Doing something different
7. Increase their coordination skills
8. Support their girlfriends
9. Become an excellent safety spotter
10. Because women love male pole dancers
11. To meet women/men
12. To make new friends
13. To learn a new fitness
14. Because it's fashionable at the moment
15. A new challenge
16. Variety of fitness activity
17. Challenging muscles in a new dimension
18. Improve dance ability
19. To compete
20. Focuses the mind
21. Excellent conversation starter
22. Safely pushes the body's limits
23. To fly the flag for male pole fitness
24. To support other male pole fitness individuals
25. To educate other males and females of the benefits of male pole fitness
26. To share an activity that both partners enjoy
 — with Pole Passion and 19 others.

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