Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Miss Pole Dance competitor feedback and performance analysis

Miss Pole Dance competitor feedback and performance analysis

If you wish to receive a detailed report, for your continual professional competition development, regarding your performance from the judges on the day, please register below, stating your 
a) full name
b) category you entered
c) where you were placed (if known)
You will receive;- the comments of the judges, your break down of scores in the three different categories, details of any deductions, positioning in your group and the final scores - 
All will be sent in a pdf report within 7 days of payment received (after the competition)

Many request Feedback from performances from our competitions

We provide feedback as a way of highlighting areas for improvement based on the Miss Pole Dance rules and regulations which have three areas of performance. It is not feedback on your personality or you as a person directly.

We understand feedback is not always welcome by everyone, however we provide feedback in a positive manner, focusing on areas of improvements and what was good about your performance, and what you must keep on doing in the future.  Remember this feedback is based on what the judges see during your performance only

We aim to make the feedback constructive, honest and of benefit, if you wish to go on and enter more competitions

The presentation – the story, the flow, the costumes, makeup and hair

The dance and fitness performance – elegance, balance, poise, choreography, strength, stage presence, variants of moves, choice of music and interpretation

Pole Tricks - Originality of the tricks and combinations of the tricks, within the competition, level of difficulty, flexibility on and off the poles, pole flow, execution of tricks, control during lifts, straight lines etc.

We wish you all a safe and fun time at Miss Pole Dance on Saturday and remember to enjoy your moment, where egos are allowed and pole characters are born

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