Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Spin yourself out of depression - with Crawley Pole Fitness

Pole fitness Classes in Crawley are wishing to challenge doctors - rather than prescribing anti depressants send them along to a one hour pole fitness class at Nuffield's Health & Wellbeing centre  for free.

By working on posture, deportment, breathing and a sense of challenge and achievement we can make a difference to those who are feeling down and depressed.

Kay Penney owner and founder of Pole Passion, who started pole to help her 'snap' out of the depressive state after having her third child, is happy to support all those who feel they maybe on the slippery slope to sadness and depression.
' Building self esteem and feeling womanly is just two of the main reasons as to why I took it up over 10 years ago and i've never looked back.  Many of my students now describe their first pole session as a life changing time, especially that first pole spin which is like the leap of faith.'

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