Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bella Monnery Pole Passion Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing

Pole Passion’s newest recruit and  fitness expert Bella Monnery is more than sexy hip swirls and happy hip shakes!!

Fitness preparation and training for tough mudder 2014
For over 3hours a week of pole, Bella is using her pole techniques for training for one of the hardest and most gruelling and physically challenging courses on the planet.

She will be using the pole techniques for upper body strength to get her up the ropes, over the walls and across the monkey bars.

Her Kickboxing and cardio classes for fitness and strength.
Her Gym sessions, and at least 2 runs a week. 1 long distance, 9 miles plus, 1 hill run. 
Bella commented, ‘ I actually love all the training :) I remember when I first started running, 1 mile was hard! It's amazing to see yourself get stronger and faster, it's a great feeling of achieving.
The hardest thing is finding the time lol I drag my dogs along for some of the runs.. We go in the rivers together too! 

My biggest fear.....
Hmmm, there are a few! 
Electric shocks and ice cold water is what I'm dreading most! 

My reasons for entering....
I'm probably a little mad lol
But, I love a challenge :)
I entered a few smaller obstacle courses last year.... Now I want to go for the big one!! 
Yes this is a big challenge! But I know I will love every minute :)’

London South is Europe’s most gruelling Tough Mudder event! Set in acres of barren jagged farm land and hills, not to mention all the obstacles designed by the special forces, mud and water!!

Bella Monnery Pole Passion Advanced Instructor -  Shoreham-by-Sea

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