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Why I Love Pole testimonials from Pole Passion Pole Fitness Classes

Debbie Nichols Pole Passion Crawley Worth
 I enjoy Jana's Crawley Worth class.  Jana's warm up's and down are different to any other I have done in many a long year.  Dance intensive and fun......and exhausting!  Jana also treats each person individually and tries to build up their weaknesses by working on combo's.

....and here is the poem.  All points I made in it still stand (and I am still working on some of the moves I couldn't do then !!!)

Why I Love Pole

“Why do you love pole”? I was asked today
How to put it in words, what to say?
Is it the challenge that brings me back week after week?
The great sense of achievement that I seek
By finally getting that evasive move?
Is it because to myself I am trying to prove
I’m not old, I’m not knackered?– Look what I can do
And if I can do this I’m sure you can too
The bruises we wear with pride – call them pole kisses
They show how we’ve tried.  Let me tell you that this is
The fittest and strongest that I’ve ever been
Me upside down on a pole to believe must be seen
Not to mention the friendships, advice and support
From all other polers enjoying the sport
It may take me months to achieve one position
But I don’t need a psychiatrist or a physician
I believe in myself now – for the first time.  You see
That’s why I love pole, that’s what pole’s done for me

My pole experience.

When I first started pole I was like the little caterpillar you said. I was shy, body conscious, quiet, and dealing with stress and anxiety disorder from a hard personal life. After meeting some beautiful kind caring people who I now call my friend I am a true butterfly like I aimed to me. I'm happy, so confident, feel good about myself an addicted to pole Where it distresses me and allows me I just be me in my own world of pole. Everyone in the pole passion team are awesome at what they do and truly make the class an amazing experience which I would recommend to everyone :-).

Kirsty Seymour Pole Passion Worth

So why after 4 months am I still doing pole? Because it’s great at every stage from learning your first fireman spin to learning to invert- there is always something new to work on a new way to progress and develop your skills. Most importantly the teachers are amazing so supportive and they even create individual plans for everyone in the class. It’s been awesome and I can only see it getting better :-) Just want to say a massive thank you Tamara for all your support and guidance :-)

Lauren Mundle Pole Passion Worth


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