Saturday, 25 April 2015

Dimitry Politov - Russia World Pole Dance Champion 2015 Males category

Congratulations Dimitry

What does this win mean to you?
Thank you! This win means alot for me, because I proved to my colleagues that you don't have to be a gymnast or ballet dancer to win a World Pole Dance and Sport Championships

Were you in it to win it?
Not really, because I was afraid  that judges would not accept my style

What was the hardest thing performing in China?
The hardest thing was the duration of performance, I think I need to work on my cardio vascular 

Where will you be in 1 years time?
I'm going to visit Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, USA (if i get my visa), Great Britain, and lots of European countries)

visiting the United Kingdom for the Mr Pole Fitness UK Championships is exciting

What is your next step?
I don't make any global plans now, but i make step forward every day
Thank you

Dimitry Politov

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