Saturday, 25 April 2015

The results World Pole Sport & Fitness 2015 China Beijing 12th April

World Pole Sport & fitness – World Pole Dance Champions 2015 CHINA Beijing
‘Opening Closed Minds’
Promoting the ambitious and talented, celebrating the artistry, story and power of the pole

1st Galina Musina RUSSIA –
2nd Polina Volchek RUSSIA –
3rd Anna Chigarina RUSSIA –

1st Dimitry Politov RUSSIA –
2nd Filipe  Nendoza Perez  CHILE –

1st Lisette & Terri – IRELAND
2nd Hannan Antonova &
Andrii Kopyniak – UKRIANE -
3rd Kayleen Ortiz &
Emmanuel Ignacio – PHILIPPINES -

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