Saturday, 25 April 2015

Galina Musina - world Pole Dance Champion 2015 China Beijing

Hello Kay!  Thank you very much for your congratulations - it's a great honour for me.
 I'm happy to answer your questions!

1. Winning this competition means a dream came true. I was focused on a successful performance on this championship,  all that was on my mind was my routine,  and all that I was doing this past months was targeted for the world championship. I am so happy that I placed first,  it means that all happened in the right place at the right time for me.

2. I am scared to look courageous but I seriously was travelling for this competition with a big hope to win. I knew that all the competitors are super talented and strong athletes but it's all about being confident in yourself and in your success.

3. The hardest part for me was to fight the fear right before going on stage, focusing yourself into the right mood and giving all of yourself emotionally on stage. I wanted all the audience to smile while watching my performance. I wanted to send my positive vibes to everyone present. I hope I succeeded with that.

4. In my plans for the near future is to finish university with excellence. but whatever has to do with pole dance,  I am travelling for workshops around Russia. There are interesting prepositions about working abroad. During summer I shall be working in pole camps. Of course I will continue to thrive in pole dance and create unique performances for competitions and showcases.

5. My next step is to thrive as a performer and create a programme of successful workshops  and maybe some day open up my own dance studio.

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