Thursday, 18 February 2016

Chair Dancing beginner workshop with Kay Penney Pole Passion 30th March 2016

Chair dancing is great fun, even for those with no dance experience at all. 
A fabulous workout with plenty of laughs and giggles, as you learn to dance on and around the chair. 

Kay Penney will soon have you doing some show stopping, professional chair dance moves and you will have a full routine you can practice at home by the end of the workshop! 
You can impress your friends or even your loved one with the routine!

It's an energetic and fun way to learn new dancing skills, a great way to learn dance moves and show off your flexibility, all from the seat of a chair! 
Fun for everyone, no matter your age or size
No experience necessary

What to wear: Being comfortable is most important
Large White buttoned mans shirt - long or short sleeved 
Black hat - any style !
Heels if you have them ones you can walk in comfortably ! Yes I am insured :)) 
Bring with you your reddest burlesque style lipstick !! - why? Because we can :))) xxx

I want you all preparing early 
Remember sexy is a mind set and with busy demanding lifestyles we all lead these days I want you to do three things this week for your preparation

1. Look in the mirror everyday and smile at yourself - guess what ? It could be the only smile you get back that day so treasure it - make it a long one and get some eye contact too 

2. Let's get hydrated - from today if you're not already doing it - think water 
Fresh oxygenated water - make drinking it part of your lifestyle and routine

3. Start to look at your body more too, inside and out, be proud of who you are - we only get one body which for the majority of cells regenerate, about once every 7 years or so

Our cells are constantly being divided and replaced in most areas so decide now how you want your new body to look

Super excited to share the secrets of a successful chair dance

Come join the party on 30th March 2016

At: Pole Passion Shoreham

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