Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Nadia Budurusi - Romania and Kay Penney Pole Passion UK join incredible forces - World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness 2016

Nadia Budurusi, Pole Passion & Miss Pole Dance UK Creator, Kay Penney are set to revolutionise the World Of Pole Dance & Fitness in Bucharest, Romania

The Inaugural Miss Pole Dance Romania is being organised by the duo, for 10th September 2016.
Kay has been successfully running and organising Miss Pole Dance UK since 2005 and has always lead the nations pole competition arena
All winners are automatically chosen to represent their country in the
World Pole Dance Championships also to be held in Romania this year with a date now confirmed as 16th September 2016.

Nadia and Kay have been working closely together for over two years to make their dream a reality

Nadia was the perfect choice for her international business partner this year as seen below by Nadia's extensive biography

I have been on stage since I was 2 years old and my parents have and still are my coaches. I have always been inspired by them while watching them being part of the Romanian National Gymnastic Team and winning all the titles available. Once their Gymnastics' careers came to an end their life didn't stop there and they begun to dedicate their passion for dance and performance to the circus world. My father is the second person in the world to have executed the triple on flaying trapeze and my mother has never found a rival on the trapeze
I was up on the trapeze for the first time very soon after my 10th birthday. It was then when I started training with my brother and became a force on stage as a doubles' team performing aerials and hoops' acts.
Moving forward, 10 years after my first trapeze performance, I won the first Title for Excellence in Circus at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival, Rome Circus Festival, and won the bronze medal at the Dax Circus Festival.
Apart from circus, I also spent many hours in the dance studios, performing most styles from Latin Americans to Waltz and I am happy to share with you today that I am the winner of one Viennese Waltz International Dance Competition
By now you must be wondering if I have ever gone to school. The answer is yes and I didn't just limit my studies to GCSE level but joined The Academy of Arts in Bucharest Romania where I graduated the faculty of Film Making which helps me tremendously in creating my own choreography for my shows.
6 years ago and together with my family,  I  opened the doors to the first Circus School in Romania where my parents are still coaching the future generation of stage artists.
I did take a break from the spot light, for 5 years, to start a family but also to repair a few body parts following a few accidents in training but 5 years on it was too long for a pause for someone so active so this year I decided to return to the stage and the spotlight
After watching a few circus artists  performing pole dancing acts, I was hooked to the pole and almost immediately I started searching online where I could get more information and also I wanted to have my own pole and start training as soon as possible.
This is how I came across Pole Passion and a new chapter of my life began.
I am currently the only accredited pole fitness instructor in Romania and I must confess it is not easy at all. The Romanian society is very sceptical to what pole fitness actually means but I will never give up.
I am looking forward to organising the first Miss Pole Dance Romania in 2016.
I am absolutely certain that the help and support offered by Kay Penney and her team will make my dream a reality.

for more details regarding sponsorship or a vendor spot at the worlds please email


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