Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top Tips for Competing in Pole Dance Competitions - MPD UK

TOP Tips for Competing

If you are struggling badly with nerves before a competition or have no where to start 
planning a routine, then reading the below may help as planning and preparation is key.
This may take 6 weeks for some competitors or 4 years for others. Remember it's your journey
Everyone is different

So many times we hear, 'Oh I have no idea what to wear, or I'm not sure what music should 
I use ... two days before a competition !!

Top Tips to REMEMBER...

1. SMILE as if you are enjoying your performance - if your 'story' or indeed costume ! doesn't 
warrant a smile then please add one in at the end of your performance  - when you bow and 
say your 'thank you's for watching'
So many performers  and competitors show their nerves, and not their passion for dance and
the pole - The judges and audience need to be wowed within the first 15 seconds of 
your performance

2. POSTURE & ALIGNMENT This one you will know !!
But please if this is a problem of yours say it over and over again in your head during 
your performance
'POINT YOUR TOES Extend your limbs' including concentrate on your fingers too!!

3. MUSIC - Feel your music from within
It certainly shows if you don't - if in any doubt don't use it. It's not the right choice of music if you
have doubts - and never let someone else pick your music (it's ok that they help and 
advise, but ultimately it's your choice)

4. CLOTHING -  Costumes costumes costumes ! Yes it takes time, effort AND money
An important part of competition preparation
Understand and read the rules then go for maximum effect possible according to 
each competition criteria
EVERY point counts these days
Find out about the stage and stage backing
MPD UK is all about the performance and costumes too - GO WILD!! AND TELL 

5. ROUTINE-  Good routines are made up of many different elements
It's not just about tricks tricks tricks
You are better off doing intermediate tricks exceptionally well, than advance tricks poorly!

6. FLEXIBILITY & STRETCH  Focus on your flexibility  - This is such an important part 
of modern pole routines
This means correct preparation warm ups and cool downs, not only on the day of the completion 
but the weeks before and weeks after!
Refer to no. 2
You should be allowing at least 30 minutes preparation stretch before it's your turn on 
the poles (many of the champions will be warming and stretching for 2 hours prior!!)

7. EMOTION & EYE CONTACT - Engage with your audience and judges
This is simple and can be done with eye contact, facial expressions and hands reaching 
towards them pulling them back into your body and your performance and emotion

An excellent performance not only leaves  the performer breathless but the judges AND
 audience too
Give all the power and energy you have got

9. ATTENTION TO DETAIL - It's the little details that matter too
Practice and get someone truthful to critique your performance - get them to find 
10 things for you to improve on !

10.  TRANSITIONS -    Transitions in, out, around, up, down and from pole to pole
Just as important as your tricks !

11. MINDSET - Have fun and look at it as a performance not a competition
Most importantly remember the qualities of an excellent performer are very different 
to that of an excellent instructor or student
The skills and mindset are very different, MEDITATION AND VISUALISATION ARE  
EXCELLENT preparation skills for a champion :)

12. MOST IMPORTANTLY- Check the rules and regulations and if in doubt speak 
with the organisers and ask lots of questions

Enjoy yourself, Meet new people, Be safe, Train Safe...remember  every challenge is a 
growth step forward.

Thank you for joining us at Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur & Semi Pro Championships

Good Luck 

    Kay Penney
Owner, Founder & Operator of MPDUK


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