Saturday, 14 July 2018

Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur and Semi pros Championships 2018

Another successful MISS POLE DANCE UK Amateur and Semi pro  event combined with Mr Pole Fitness UK Amateur and Semi pro championships took place on Saturday 9 th June in Bognor Regis 
With special guest performances from 12 year old Miss Pole Dance UK brand ambassador for the Children's/ Youth category,  Mimi James and last years Semi Pro Doubles champions - The Seifert Sisters

The event was attended by 43 competitors from ages 10 to 53 years old 
in 6 different categories, including the brand new Children's  and Youth category launched on the 9th June too, now enabling children as young as 8 to begin to compete and show their incredible acrobatic strength, confidence and routined talent on and around the poles. 
A massive thank you goes to the 8 judges & adjudicators,  20 helpers and 4 pole cleaners who worked above and beyond all day and did an amazing job keeping the competition running on time 

The competitors battled it out all day from 11am until 7pm With the winners of the semi pro categories to have the opportunity to be placed in the forth coming annual MPDUK professional Championships to be held at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley on Saturday  6 th  October

A massive congratulations to our new MPDUK amateur/semi pro champions 

πŸ…Amateurs - ⭐️Tara Beazley
πŸ…Child/Youth - ⭐️Elise 
πŸ…Semi - Pro Student - ⭐️Cecilia Fabris
πŸ…Semi Pro Instructor -  ⭐️Paige Mallen
πŸ…Mr Pole Fitness - ⭐️Liam Tipping
πŸ…Doubles - ⭐️Kate Kershaw and Kerry Fuller
πŸ…PoleBeat - ⭐️Jana Polakova

⭐️The full list of scores for each category are now  on our website πŸ™‚

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