Friday, 13 July 2018

PoleBeat winner 2018 competiton for the most daring of polers


WINNER 2018 - Jana Polakova on June 8th at Pole Passion Bognor Regis, Bersted Community Hall

Kay Penney and Jana Polakova seen above at the latest PoleBeat championships 2018

Other competitors
Louise Stillman
Jess Smith - Pole Passion
Chris Green
Marcel Diner
Darren Whitby
Arion Gadd - Pole Passion

POLEBEAT® - PoleBeat is a registered Trademark.

PoleBeat Short high energy dance performances 45 second long slots - we chose the music, you improvise the moves out dancing the next competitor in sudden death!! She/he who dares wins in the battle to the trophy.

A high energy, intense, fitness and music based event.

The contestants come to the pole in pairs, chosen by the organisers.

Each contestant performance is preceded by a short introduction, each contestant in that pair has 45 of music in which to show their ability - repeated for each pair - the crowd reaction is taken into consideration.

Winners in each pair are then paired up and the process starts again.

The music comprises of a series of high energy tracks at a set BPM, the music continues between performances.

A count down will be given to end each performance

The Rules

The contestants must perform a different set of moves each round they perform in - variety will be marked highly.

High energy routines ...Intricate Combos, comedy, entertainment value, Dynamic poses, facial expressions,

body language, endurance and flexibility, cheekiness, sexiness, power, pole stunts, character, attitude, variations,

high speed transitions, fluidity, slow motion, freeze frame, balance, poise, grace, energy and ………. no fear factor

The Scores
Contestants are marked by 3 or more judges on 5 tier criteria
1. Style – costume! Anything goes from pure fitness attire to extreme bodypaint (no nudity)
2. Use of Stage – Stage presence, impression use of stage. Start / Finish on ‘X’
3. Routine – Variety and music choice (bpm/high intensity)
4. Use of Pole height
5. Difficulty and variety of combinations and tricks

If you would like to know more or would like to run and operate a PoleBeat event, then please get in touch as we would love to work with you.

Email us on – events@


​ 2013 Winner- Donna Gant
2014 Winner- Emma Haslam O'Toole
2015 Winner- Rosa Lisa
2016 Winner- Catherine Meadley
2017 Winner- Marta Grabowska
2018 Winner- Jana Polakova

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