Saturday, 19 September 2009

Mr Pole Fitness UK

Calling all male pole dancers
Inspiring Talent ~ Promoting Ambition

The first pole fitness competition for Male pole dancers and performers is being organised by the organisers of World Pole Dance, Miss Pole Dance UK professional and amateur events since 2005

Kay Penney owner and founder of Pole Passion and of the Miss Pole Dance UK championships and World Pole Dance fitness championship competitions has coupled up with top male pole dancer Adam Jay who owns his own pole company Pole FX. The pair met at Miss Pole Dance UK 2005 competition where AJ, as he is better known, was the official pole cleaner!
'Obviously it’s important to not only have a male on the judging panel but also to help organise the competition too. We are delighted to be working with AJ, he's fun and professional and a great inspirational teacher for both men and women so it was important for us to have someone well respected in the industry.' mentions Ms Penney.

This year being the first year for Mr Pole Fitness competition anticipating it will only be small, as was Miss Pole Dance UK for the women in 2005 when it first started, although in just 4 years the competition has grown to being the largest UK pole competition and possibly even the world.

So by calling all men, boyfriends, husbands, uncles over the age of 16 to demonstrate the athletic skill and strength required to perform on and a round a pole to music of their choice to a style of their choice for a minimum of 4 minutes.
With strict rules and guidelines we are excited as to see how it evolves as we are finding more and more men are now being attracted to the pole as a fitness devise and performance prop.
Helping to remove and dispel all prejudices and stereotyping.

Registration and applications are through Pole Passion Events on email

Tel: 0871 318 3838

The competition details
Time: 2-5pm
Date: 4th October 2009
Pole Gym Venue:
Olympos, (The Triangle), Triangle Way,
Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8WA

Cost: £5 per spectators ticket Donations to breast cancer awareness

Children spectators are welcome however they must be accompanied by an adult
The competition is being sponsored by

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