Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Felix Master Classes

Pole Passion Presents:
The Official Felix UK Tour 2009

Having accepted our invitation with only 4 weeks to prepare, the first Official Tour ever to take place for the World Pole Sport & Fitness Champion - Felix Cane begun

Day 1 - Milton Keynes Wednesday 5th August 2009 – Emily Hill - Emily’s Vertical Art
At 10.30am Wednesday morning Felix arrived in Milton Keynes train station having found her own way there after visiting relatives in London after her arrival in London on Monday evening. Deb Merchant and Deb Riley met Felix again and the lovely Emily of Emily’s Vertical Art and Pippa Caesar. The local Milton Keynes radio station showed up for an interview!
The first 1-2-1 session started at 11.30, with Gemma, she said: “Felix is amazing and so talented the pure strength, she has is breathtaking.”
They went on to have a photo shoot and interview with the Citizen newspaper 12.30pm.
The next 1-2-1 at 12.30pm was with Louise and Emily, they said: “Best thing ever static V to windmill Mimi named after me!”
Next was the Group Master Class workshop at 2pm, it was fantastic, we have never heard so much laughter come out of a Pole workshop. Thanks to all the girls who made the workshop such fun!
“Thank you so much for today and had an amazing time and managed to learn some new moves I never thought I would get”
Next was a 1-2-1 with Stacy and Kat at 4.30pm, they said, “I had a great time and felt very challenged and would definitely do it again.”
To finish such an amazing day Felix then did a Meet and Greet which started with photo opportunities and autograph signing, she signed everything! Including a pair of pants! Then there was a question and answer session, every single person asked a question! Amazing.
She then did a “breathtaking performance”.
There was then some time to chat too with Felix.
Here are some quotes from some of the girls at the meet and greet.
“Absolute honour to see you dance”
“Felix has such a warm personality”
“She is an inspiration to the pole world”
Felix, Deb and Deb left Milton Keynes about 8.30pm to drive to Bristol and Felix had a well earned snooze in the car on the way!

Day 2 – Bristol Thursday 6th August 2009 - Claire Whyat - Pole Progression
Having stayed in a hotel in Bristol the first day was very long. Bristol too was a very long day
Everyone rose nice and early, went down for a lovely cooked breakfast, Felix had scrambled eggs and cereal. We all wondered to Toni & Guys hair salon where Felix had her hair cut, it looks fab!
We arrived at the Bristol studio 11.45am where met the lovely Claire from Pole Progression.
Felix then had a photo shoot with James followed by an interview.
Courtesy of Motion Stop factory
The first lesson of the day was with Hayley – whose boyfriend booked her 1-2-1 as a surprise, how lovely!
The group master class started at 2pm, everyone was really nervous but Felix soon put everyone at ease by doing a fun warm up, to get everyone in the mood.
Annie and Sharn then had a 1-2-1 with Felix, Sharn almost got the Spatchcock which was amazing!!!
The last lesson of the day was with Sminxie, followed by a nice long drive to Stoke. Bring on day 3!!!!

Day 3 Liverpool Friday 7th August 2009 - Anna Rosser - Ioisis
This is where Kay & Steve joined the crew travelling up to Liverpool. This was Felixs most challenging and gruelling day. The day was very warm and the studio was in a purpose built studionon the fifth floor of a warehouse.
Felix commented it was probably the best studio she had ever been in and we had to agree – With 10 floor to ceiling poles with a combination of static and spinning poles the participants worked hard and absorbed as much as they could from Felix. There was even room for the R-Pole for everyone to spin on, test and try. Also plenty of room for the silks ropes hoops and trapeze we wanted to live there!!
This had to be the longest day for Felix 11.15 – 11pm wow she made it!! Just Yet still looking glamorous and relaxed until the final moments where we still had to prize her from all the wonderful ladies of Liverpool.
The special raffle prize was won with such delight as such a signed photo would be priceless.

Day 4 Glasgow Saturday 8th August 2009 – Julie Manning - Independent Pole Fitness
A later start time in Glasgow was scheduled as travelling was long, yet surprisingly easy with nice and clear empty roads and beautiful breathtaking scenery. The stop off at the Scottish cafĂ© was fun with Deb and Felix being ‘ Jimmies’ and practicing their best Scottish accents (about 7!) became the popular phrase meaning they didn’t have a clue what was being said to them!!
Kay missing the entrance sign to Scotland on camera didn’t go down too well with Steve who had never stepped foot on Scottish turf before Hey ho!! There’s always next year.
A very warm welcome from the girls from Independent Pole fitness and with minutes to spare Felix was adjusting herself to yet another pole studio – 8 floor to ceiling poles she begun her shorter day.
Again, lots of tips and techniques, fun and friendliness it was soon time to leave – too short really but she had to be back down in Manchester for Day 5 of her training. Easy travelling back down to Stoke for a rest and refuel!
The only disaster of the tour struck on this afternoon – a distressing call to state the venue was unable to hold Felix’s Master Classes! With very little notice the Felix team set to work to find an alternative venue with hours to spare!! Luckily with our network of friends we were saved by the wonderful Jenny Galagher from Vive Studio in Rawtenstall only about 12 miles from the original scheduled studio.
With some quick thinking and lots of phone calls they saved the day. The students were amazing understanding and all was well.

Day 5 Manchester Sunday 9th August 2009 - Jenny Galagher – Vibe studio
Early rising to be at Vive studio and reassuringly met by Jen who rescheduled her whole day to accommodate Felix.
At this venue Felix’s family came to watch her some of which she had never met – Felix was nervous, we think for the first time of the tour. Aunts, uncles cousins and her husband, Chris came to watch her performance. Unfortunately due to the cancellation she was unable to offer her arranged meet & greet however managed to phone the disappointed girls personally and send them signed items as an apology due to conditions out of our hands.
Felix left the team to meet her best UK mate for the evening to travel to Sussex to arrive in the morning of the 10th.
Goodbyes we had between Deb Riley and Felix – a close bond and friendship and support from Deb had to part. Reluctantly they said goodbye

Day 6 Sussex Monday 10th August 2009 - Kay Penney - Pole Passion
At the final date of the tour there seemed to be renewed energy from the team, back on home ground however in a brand new never been used studio – the realisation of the tour was apparent and yet over so soon?
The wonderful ‘R-Pole’ studio, the first in the country with the capability of 15 poles, boasting probably the pole studio with the most amount of poles in the country incorporating the new revolutionary R-Poles with a 38mm diameter easier grip and 50mm grip poles all with the capability of spinning and static - all at 4 metres competition height!!
Yet another professional photo shoot thanks to James and R-Pole. Master classes begun with exceptionally high music and fun intense warm ups.
Hand springs, butterflies Scorpios static V’s into leg hangs. Felix even had a go of a new move herself!! She shared her techniques on spinney poles too.
The day ended with intense 1-2-1’s with students travelling as far as France and then her last and final meet & greet and performance. With the raffle prize signed photo going to Zoe.
Felix then reluctantly said her goodbyes as we rushed her off (1 hour later than schedules due to her not wanting to go) to the train station to yet again meet with friends before her flight back to Las Vegas and back to work!
Certainly a whirl wind tour incredibly supported by the amazing Deb Riley (Pole Queens), Deb Merchant (pole Passion) Steve Penney (Pole Passion) Kay Penney (Pole Passion) and all the venue and pole school operators.
An excitable flurry of well wishes and comments have been shown on facebook and directly to Pole Passion –
She was presented with her well wishes guest book which she will treasure we are sure

Some of the many comments to Felix
Hi Felix
It was an honour seeing you dance and getting to know more about you.
It was amazing how much you have achieved in such a short time pole dancing and yet you are so down to earth, I have never tried pole dancing before and you have truly inspired me to give it a go thanks for the experience – Liverpool meet and greet
It was an absolute honour to see you dance before my eyes, I’m looking forward to more pole lesson off you tomorrow and Friday. I simply can not wait to learn from the best – lots of love Annie Norris Miss Pole Dance finalist 2005
I had an amazing time my legs hurt and I will have the handspring – thank you so much xx Stacey
Hi Felix - Totally blown away by you so talented and so BENDY jealous muchly!! Ha ha sorry I cant make one of your master classes but am so so happy that I had the privilege of meeting you tonight. May even make it to Vegas to see you perform with Cirque. Thank you so much for the photos they are so going up in a huge frame Lover Karen S x
Dear Felix
Can’t explain what an honour it is to even be in the same room as you, let alone on the same pole – you are a total goddess and my inspiration beautiful amazing and super talented thank you so much for today Lucy xxx
WOW! You are amazing and never fail to inspire with your grace on the pole x really looking forward to seeing you and Chris in Jamaica in 2010. xxx Steve
Felix thanks for a wicked day here in Glasgow we all had great fun and learned so much from your workshop when I’m in Vegas ill come and say hi Love Julie
I still think I am speechless – this has to be the most amazing experience ever!! I am in total awe and in the first hour I feel I have learnt so much even enough though I am not as strong in my body as I wish! But Felix is Just AMAZING, so friendly so easy to ask a question no matter how silly thank you so much for this once in a life time fantastic opportunity (still star struck and speechless – I love the Felix opportunity xxxxxx mwah xxxxxx
Felix the firecracker – awesome - love your dancing and you’re an inspiration I will try harder Keep doing it till you 80!! Or your bones give up! Great to meet you and see you love Claire xx
Wow Felix - we love you J you are so nutty and down to earth your such an inspiration thank you for coming to EVA hope to be as good as you soon Great to meet you Love Juicy Lucy xx
Absolutely fantastic lesson – got everything I wanted love tfelix and her craziness! Thank you fso much I watch you all the time with great admiration and this has been a very special experience for me thanks Hayley xx
Hey Felix – Thanks for getting me to take my hand off the inverted splits woop woop!! Champion day loved it now inspired lots of love Justine xx
Dear Felix - We really hope you had an amazing time ~ our aim has to inspire, empower, build confidence both for body and mind and we feel you achieved this to so many. We hope you felt this too – you have touched the lives of so many people over the last 6 days in class and out, you have not only been an amazing inspiration but such a beautiful person too. Bringing tears to many eyes some which you did not see – Many many thanks and looking forward to play and, do we call it work?? ‘work’ again soon - all my love Kay Penney x
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