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Pole Fitness lessons Burgess Hill by Qualified Instructor Kay Penney

Recent Interview

1) Details: How many square feet/size of studio? How tall are the ceilings? How many poles/how tall?

Large private studio with 6 poles –
4 floor to ceiling poles semi removable 50mm grip ( just over 3 metres high ) with 3 metre distance between each Pole
with 2 brand NEW free standing R-poles which are 38mm diameter grip for the new beginners and advanced students

2) How many classes per week do you teach there? And what levels?

I teach my own regular weekly classes once a week, and support and attend all the other studios on a regular weekly basis. I teach pole, chair, burlesque and cheerleading every weekend in party setting. I am head of programme development and course structure, always updating and developing new lessons and courses. I also teach out of 3 other studios too and offer regular 3 day monthly instructor training in Pole Fitness and Burlesque Instructor techniques.
I am happiest when I am teaching I love my job and inspiring new comers to pole. I love to see their enthusiasm and determination and the students growing professionally and personally.
I offer mixed ability classes suitable for complete beginners (my speciality) up to advanced level focusing on fitness as opposed to super advanced tricks sessions. I’m very patient, motivational and enthusiastic which is sometimes especially needed at beginner level.
Our programmes do this by incorporating routines and combinations to build cardiovascular fitness as well as stretching and strength conditioning
Mixed ability classes, which I believe is more challenging, however, which I find hugely rewarding to teach, ensuring that all participants receive great value for money, that they are constantly improving and challenged. The importance for me is that the professional first impressions last.

3) How many students per class and per pole?

The class sizes vary from month to month as we offer a pay as you go scheme to accommodate the busy lives of women!! Anything from 8-16 students per 1 hour lesson
Our maximum capacity on the 6 poles are 3 participants per pole.
I have two qualified Pole Fitness instructors (who have been qualified through Pole Passion’s accredited pole fitness instructor training scheme) assisting me each lesson and one apprentice who has just joined our apprentice programme.

4) What classes do you offer in addition to pole?

I offer pole fitness, pole stretching specific to pole technique, burlesque and chair dancing workshops and classes – however the company offers a variety of other style dance and fitness

5) What are the age ranges?

From 16 – 55 is our most popular age range!!

6) Do you have men’s classes?

As yet we do not have regular pole fitness classes specific to men as we believe the strength techniques are very different to that of a woman. Currently we offer 1-2-1 tuition for men. We do also have one male Pole Passion instructor in our team and he is very popular with the ladies!! We are looking to introduce mixed gender classes and male classes in 2010

We are introducing the first Male competition this year – Mr Pole Fitness UK 2009 on October 4th held in our flagship pole gym studio at Burgess Hill

7) Youth options?

Our age range is set at a minimum age of 16 years as a social obligation rather than the content taught in class.
This age was reduced from age 18 last year to keep inline with the ‘standard’ gym fitness policy regulated by the Fitness Industry Association. Currently we have no plans to reduce this age however we are always assessing the industry and customer demand. We abide by the Code of Pole Practice introduced in 2006 specifically designed for the pole fitness industry and is currently being adopted in Russia and Hungary also.

8) What products and accessories do you use and promote at your facility? Poles/Grip/Mats and Safety gear/clothing & shoes?

Our online shop offers a wide variety of accessories and products specific to pole and this range is always expanding as the industry expands.

We offer R-Poles – all types free standing and floor to ceiling poles, mats, a variety of pole grips, pole clothing range, pole safety cloths and car stickers!

We did also use to supply shoes and boots but this became very time consuming and specialist so we now leave that to the professionals!!

Our main product is the NEW R-pole, portable, light weight, free standing pole which is specifically designed for gym use. This pole was designed out of need. There was not a pole on the market which allowed instructors, like me, to teach out of gyms and sports halls with high ceilings.

9) Does Pole Passion have other studios? How many?

Yes Pole Passion currently offers regular Pole Fitness classes in eight different locations and with the introduction to our new license opportunities can now offer Instructors to be apart of the brand.
Sharing the professionalism and FUN!

10) What are your plans for growth and the future?

Future plans have always been my main focus and Company moto – to allow every woman and men the opportunity to pole dance and learn the art of pole without the fear of being wrongly judged. To continue to create inspiration through our unique training programmes, to deliver fitness and FUN!
To continue to create regular professional training programmes and networking opportunities and Master Classes for professionals all over the world bringing and integrating techniques for all to share and benefit from.
Continue to educate and inspire the general public through our competitions Miss Pole Dance UK Professional, Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur, Mr Pole Fitness UK and World Pole Dance – international, competitions

11) Tell us briefly about the accreditation of your studio and instructors?
I currently have 13 pole instructors and one apprentice (one is even on loan in Australia !! we want her back after her travels please)

The Pole Fitness Instructor accreditations were created to reinforce our professionalism. For me it was a way of educating new fitness instructors and the general public, not familiar with pole techniques, on a higher national professional level. It took me 7 years of experience in the pole fitness and dance industry and two years to write Level 1 Pole fitness instructor training qualification and Level 2 Pole fitness instructor training advanced techniques. It includes 15 years of fitness experience. I have made the courses fun yet challenging, they are designed to inspire and challenge the pole instructor to think out of the box and to be the best they can be. This has been my most rewarding achievement in the company to date, as the courses hold the highest award and certification in the UK fitness industry to date.
REP’s accreditation and Skills Active are highly respected governing bodies in the UK and we are very proud to be associated with them. Both courses hold the highest certifications at 16 Points each

12) What is your most popular class(es)?

Pole fitness & dance

Anything else fun or unique about the studio, students, experiences there you want to share...please feel free! and we look forward to the finished product! THANKS A TON!
Every day brings new fun and challenges it has been the most rewarding job I have ever had. Did I say job??? I meant hobby!!  I am very privileged to have a ‘job’ I love so much. The students and my fellow instructors are all so amazing. They are warm and caring people who benefit both emoptionally and physically fro this for of dance and exercise.

In 2006 I was told that pole fitness would not take off for another 8 years at least!! it would not be accepted in 'family gyms'..... It became my quest to prove them wrong….. I love a challenge  Empwerment confidence fitness & FUN!

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