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Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur - Judges 2009

Kay Penney Bio August 2009
Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur judge & coordinator

Kay Penney – head judge and organiser. Founder and Managing Director of Pole Passion Ltd established in January 2005 has been poling since 2001 soon after the birth of her third child for fun and an alternative way to keep fit

Kay is a highly experienced and qualified fitness, health and beauty therapist expert, now working towards her A1 level 3 Assessors qualification, in her continual quest to make pole technique and fitness an accredited and accepted form of physical fitness for all.

Kay quickly realised that pole technique if marketed correctly and professionally could benefit many participants and students looking for a new, fun and challenging form of fitness quickly establishing one of the first independent pole schools in the world.

With the explosion and rapid success of her unique fitness programmes, fun pole parties and master classes she, with the support of her dedicated team, has quickly made Pole Passion one of the world’s most respected pole fitness companies in the world.

She is a renowned International pole judge and instructor and teaches regular mixed ability classes in and around the Sussex area, being invited over to judge the first World Pole Dance finals in Holland in 2005, creator of Miss Pole Dance UK Professional and Amateur competitions, co creator of Mr Pole Fitness championships, pioneering competitive synchronised doubles and author of accredited Level 1 & 2 Pole Fitness Instructor training qualifications. Invited judge to Japan, Russia, Hungry and Germany, she is also author of the code of pole practice created in 2006, the first of its kind.

Kay also enjoys all elements of traditional dance and is an accomplished performer and burlesque instructor

She is a member of Equity, FIA, REP’s & Sussex Enterprize, and an honorary member of the Pole Fitness Association USA

Co creator of the first light weight, portable, free standing pole suitable for gym fitness and tricks and home use

Debbie Merchant
Bio ~ August 2009

Miss Pole Dance UK
Pole Passion Ltd

Debbie Merchant is Pole Passion’s most advanced pole instructor and has been working with Pole Passion since 2006 teaching thousands of students in fitness and party settings including full day master classes and regular 2 hour workshop settings. Debbie is a professional and accomplished dancer not only in pole technique but in cheerleading and chair dancing too. She has co written many of Pole Passion’s fitness sessions and assisted in the REP’s Accredited instructor programmes and was the face and model for the Pole Fitness Instructor training qualifications created in 2007.

As an accomplished pole instructor she teaches regular mixed ability classes in L A Fitness in East Grinstead. She has been a vital member of the Miss Pole Dance Organisation since 2006 holding the title of competitor coordinator and an invited judge for Miss Pole Dance UK 2008/09 Amateur competitions.

Debbie was an integral part in organising the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2009 and stage manager.

Debbie is Pole Passion’s events Manager and Sales manager of the new R pole and communicates with all pole enthusiasts across the world.


Deb Riley Bio August 2009
Miss Pole Dance UK amateur judge

Deb Riley is most renowned for her amazing, unique and super advanced pole tricks. Due to her continual dedication and hard work over the last 4 years working within the pole industry and with her natural flare, daring approach and friendly professionalism she is well recognized as one of the best tricks instructors in the UK.
Although based in Stoke-on-Trent she has traveled the length and breadth of the UK to pass on her unique teachings to other pole instructors and students.

As an accomplished pole instructor and finalist competitor in Miss Pole Dance Fitness UK professional competition in both ‘glamour & fitness’ categories in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and invited judge for Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 amateur competition, she is now building a considerable reputation within the global pole industry, culminating in her appearance at the World Championship finals in April 2009 in Jamaica where she represented the United Kingdom.

Deb also has established contributions to the safety of pole instruction by creating the Pole-o-mat concept which was born in 2006. At that time it became clear, that despite the huge growth and success of pole dancing as a form of fitness there was nothing available in the market to enable people to practice safely.

After consultation with many professionals in the field, Deb's first designs for Pole-o-mat were launched and the mat was an instant success.
Since then much work has been done to improve the design, quality and safety of the mat and she is now delighted to share the finished product with you, whether a complete beginner or super standard like Deb.

Deb’s safety mats, the pole-o-mat can be ordered via

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