Friday, 11 February 2011

Burlesque Passion - NEW certified Instructor (January 2011) makes £600 in ONE DAY within weeks of her completing her Burlesque Instructor training course. As well as holding two sold out block booked courses of 15 girls and booked by the local WI!!

Burlesque Passion is always excited to see where and how the ladies progress to, however you can imagine how excited they were to hear how successful one instructor in particular was doing. Single and busy Mum of two kids was so empowered to share her news she couldn’t wait to share.

Not only had she found her new and renewed confidence but she wants to share with the world the new techniques she has created.

Burlesque for Fitness is NEW sexy and exciting and hitting the gyms NOW

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We highly recommend that you have a high level of fitness and / or a dance understanding however it is not fully necessary to attend our training courses.

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