Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Important Pole Fitness Instructor safety announcement

Pole Fitness Safety announcement from Pole Passion - ATTENTION ALL INSTRUCTORS .... In Europe we have a 'Duty of Care' under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, regardless what the business is, and while it’s agreed some instructor certificates are just that, it’s vital that the training experience is to offer a safe environment for both instructors and students and it is what we impart on our students and trainee instructors. Our Government Approved Accreditation Certificates are based on an education, not a desire to churn out instructors because they look good or so they can place a piece of paper on their walls!

Compliance with the 'Duty of Care' is a serious business that will see the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) seeking very large fines and possibly imprisonment through negligence. Under the 'Duty of Care,' ignorance is not considered an excuse and will not be considered in a UK or European Court of Law. Our training and certifications go beyond rhetoric and gets under the skin of what makes an exceptional pole instructor, a safe pole instructor, and this extends as much as to what goes on the pole as to what goes on off the pole, with Risk Assessments, creating and organising a safe and fun syllabus to understanding the risks of putting up poles safely; in particular to Asbestos Awareness for those poles that connect to the ceilings, which is a hidden and invisible danger that many have never considered and may seem blissfully ignorant of, but is none-the-less a real threat to life as much as falling or slipping off a pole without a safety mat !!

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We believe an elite teacher invests and encourages their students to be better than the teacher and laying a safe & ethical foundation is crucial to this success, world wide.

With our very nature of teachings we have pushed beyond the normal, we are all innovators and together with sharing our professionalisms we will change public perceptions and continue in our success to educate.
Kay Penney - Pole Passion Ltd

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