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Featuring Tracey Simmonds Miss Pole Dance UK Participant since 2006, Tracey has been an inspiration to thousands of polers with her strong and sometimes querky performances.
Tracey seen here on the right

Tracey Simmonds Miss Pole Dance UK 2006 Champion
Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 Finalist 2nd Place
Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 finalist 2nd Place
World Pole Dance 2009 ~ Jamaica Finalist representing the UK

Tracey Simmonds Age 27

Miss Pole Dance UK 2006 Champion and winner
Miss Pole dance UK 2008 first runner up
World Pole Dance 2009 finalist ~ Jamaica

“As a former nurse and having been inspired by the famous White Stripes music video, with Kate Moss pole dancing, three years ago I decided take lessons in pole dance!”
Shortly after commencing her lessons in pole dance she was encouraged to enter an amateur competition. After this experience she really became hooked on pole dancing and as her strength and confidence grew she begun to commit many hours practicing, creating original moves and routines. She particularly enjoyed the artistic creativity and acrobatic element of pole dancing, and has always attempted to do the more demanding pole tricks!

In 2006 entering Miss Pole Dance UK 2006, her first main professional competition, was the highlight and perhaps the turning point of her pole dance career. She enjoys participating for charity events and was guest performer for breast cancer awareness night run by Pole Passion in 2007.

Other work Tracey has been most proud of:
May 2007. Auditioning for Madonna! in her film she
directed “Filth and Wisdom”, playing the part of the ‘club pro’ in a pole
dancing club.
March 2008. I was also chosen to do a photo shoot for Diesel, for an advertising Campaign, whereby I had to pole dance on a London tube train!

Alongside pole dancing she has trained to become an instructor of pole dance and fitness.

Most recently she has been dancing abroad in San Juan, Puerto Rico and enjoys spending time in different countries, and travelling the world, pole dancing and performing.

Tracey has been selected and invited to represent the UK in the World Pole Dance Championships in Jamaica April 2009 and is actively seeking sponsorship to enable her to attend.

• World Pole Dance ~ Jamaica finalist representing the United Kingdom
• Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 Professional category First runner up
• Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 fitness Category first runner up October 2008
• European Pole dance championships, first runner up; March 2008
• Diesel Denim advertising campaign photo shoot; March 2008
• Breast cancer awareness evening charity event, guest performer – Pole Passion. Oct 2007
• Pole dancer actress in ‘Filth and Wisdom’, a film directed by Madonna, May 2007
• Pole Dance Performance Spiderman 3 premier after party, Freemason’s Hall, London April 2007
• Pole Dance photo shoot for Divas Night-club publicity San Juan, Puerto Rico March 2007
• Dance show/promotional work for Divas Night-club at ‘TheBikers Image Revolution’ Juncos, Puerto Rico March 2007
• Miss Pole Dance UK champion and winner, winning best pole tricks category Newquay August 2006
• Resident Pole Dance performance artist at Harpers Night Club, Guildford, since September 2006
• GQ/Courvoisier Party, Pole dance performance, The Paper Club, London, Nov 2006
• Pole Dance teaching assignments, continuous since July 2006
• Pole dancing extra in Nick Loves film ‘Outlaw’, Released March 2007.
• Club Night performance ‘Oh My God I miss You’ Bethnal Green July 2006
• Club Night Performance ‘One for the Lovers’ Dalston, London 2006
• Miss Pole Princess 2006, Essex. March 2006
• Pole Dance performance- Ewhurst Green Polo Club, ‘Playboy’ Theme Party. Easter 2006
• Pole Dance performance- Dunes Club Kensington. 28th/29th April 2006
• Pole Dance performance- The London Polo club, Richmond. 40th Birthday party. May 2006
• Pole Dance performance- Club Djan, Pimlico. June & July 2006.
• Pole Dance performance - University of Surrey, Guildford Students’ Union Club, ‘Gangster’ Theme party. October 2005.

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