Monday, 22 August 2011

Burlesque Bible launches with Burlesque Passion Accredited Burlesque Fitness Courses

Burlesque Bible

Sussex based, Burlesque Passion, was excited to find the introduction of the new decadent and glossy Burlesque magazine, elegantly displayed amongst the women’s lifestyle magazines in WH Smiths (top shelf)recently this weekend. Kay Penney aka Ana Dupre performer and dance instructor and founder of UKs first Accredited Instructor courses for burlesque fitness under the name of Burlesque Passion, was not only excited to find this amazing publication with the celebration of her newly accredited One Day 'Burlesque for fitness' courses aimed at inspiring every day women, dancers, fitness instructors and budding burlesque performers focusing on using the unique and amazingly beautiful burlesque movements, and empowering techniques to salaciously support and empower a newly found confidence to its students and trainee instructors.

Whilst flicking through and mesmerized by the opulent pages we were delighted to find one of our former trainee student instructors, Laura Lawton who trained with Kay in 2010 and who has now branched out as a budding sassy entrepreneur on the burlesque arena.

For further details of Instructor training and starting your own burlesque business contact Burlesque Passion on

Tel : 0871 318 3838 or 01293 888200

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