Monday, 1 August 2011

Taylors Weekend Masked Ball August 5th - 7th 2011

Taylors Weekend Masked Ball August 5th – 7th 2011

All things set for this weekend at Taylors pole studio in Capel Dorking, the old converted barn with its 10 Rpole and aerial studio will be the amazing scene for a weekend of indoor and out door pole fun.

Main organisers of the weekend, Stacey Snedden and Ben Turner will support polers across the UK and abroad with opportunities for pole schools to show case their performances to others, inspiring and supporting the community. Performances from Miss Pole Dance UK champions Deb Riley, Bendy Kate and Karen Chaundy with the glorious Miss Glory Pearl delighting us again with their amazing shows

Masks and pole grips will be on sale at the Pole Passion marquee with donations from the masks going to the Pole Sport Benevolent fund – see Kate Whitley for more information on how to support this worth wise cause

Rpole will again be promoting the fun side of pole with the ‘One Trick Wonder’ competition with the title currently held with a hip hold last year at the Taylors Cup 2010 by Paula Bines from Pole Passion, with an amazing 4 minutes 6 seconds. Laura from Spinny Tbags holds the current 2011 title with a teddy hold of 3 minutes 6 seconds. Everyone is welcome to enter, no registration is required with certain holds and poses allowed with no grip enhancements.

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