Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Carlos França representing Germany in World Pole Dance 2011

Carlos França - Germany
Entering in World Pole Dance with just months of Pole Dance preparation

This natural talent on the pole is excited to be entered into the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships with just months of preparation on a stainless steel pole.
With his back ground of Capoeira and acrobatics, Carlos takes to the world stage representing Germany

‘My first contact with the public was 9 years old with ballet presentations. I started learning capoeira when I was 15 years old, after learning the break dance which I have been practicing since 8 years old. I had my first professional opportunity in a great artistic project (Circus Roda) the best and most well structured circus in Brazil.

In this project I learned numbers of acrobatics, aerial cradle, aerial straps, trapeze, and cube manipulation.
In this period I met my trainer Angel Andricain one of the best coaches of Brazil, he is from Cuba and it was he who introduced me and taught me basic techniques of Chinese pole. During this time I went through many experiences.

Desputas and capoeira events in various states of Brazil
Break dance battles various states of Brazil
Three years of contract and two different shows (STAPAFURDYO) and (OCEANO) with Circus Roda One and half year contract with TUI FUNCTION acrobat shows in hotels, Egypt and Turkey
At the moment I live in Germany and work with gala events and workshops.

The places where I have worked:

Acrobatico Fratelli
Grupo Fractons
Grupo Ares
Cia de Rua
Circo Roda
Cia Labaydere studio
Circus mignon

I only have a short summary of my professional pole dancing story which has only just begun in Germany in the last competition (July 2011). I was invited on the Friday before the Saturday by Jeannine Wilkerling organiser of the Mr Pole Dance Germany championships which was on the following day the Saturday!! the result - I’m Mr Pole Dance Germany 2011

tickets now on sale

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