Monday, 8 August 2011

Synchronised Doubles in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2011 for the first time

Reasons for the different diameter sizes of poles in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships

As an organisation we have to work with the logistics of the stage and organising many separate competitions on the same afternoon without time to change the poles.

The singles category in the championships is carried out on 1 x 38mm spinning Rpole and 1 x 50mm static Rpole to show versatility and multiple skill and techniques of both a static pole and spinning pole and not favouring one country over another who may just work off spinning poles or static poles. The diameter size of the poles is at both spectrums to create a more fair approach.

For the synchronicity element of the doubles category we have to choose either both static or both spinning - As the doubles category is new this year we have chosen 2 x static poles which is what the majority of most countries use at this time.

We apologise to those countries who are only working off only spinning poles and appreciate that by choosing both static poles for the doubles category, this does limit moves and combinations which you may very well be used to if you are using only a spinning pole.
We can state however most combinations used on a spinning pole can be adapted to a static pole

To be a world champion it is important that you have the versatility to be able to perform off any pole – both static and spinning poles, however we fully understand this may not accommodate everyone’s style and preference at this time.

In the world championships we are now working with over 30 countries and each country has a different type of pole they train from, some have 38mm some have 45mm and some have 50mm
To be fair we must incorporate more than one diameter size pole in the championships as this accommodates those pole tricks and moves carried out by a pair who is executing their performance move from one pole and by having two different sizes accommodates more countries.

World Pole Sport & fitness championships 2011

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