Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2011 winner Barbara Palmatty

MPD Hungary Saturday September 3rd 2011

Saturday showed Hungary’s most spectacular performers demonstrating Pole Fitness in the glamour and fitness categories at the Club Prestige in Budapest Hungary

12 contestants demonstrated the flexibility and control of athletes and gymnastic elements of the performances with spectacular costumes and pole presentations

Some candidates had only poled for 8 months but many also poling for several years.

‘When I was invited for the first time three years ago I had noticed a significant increase in the skills during the competition this year with more use of the floor, more advanced tricks and combinations and with this year’s winner Barbara Palmatty producing a beautifully choreographed performance, what was really exciting for the sport is that the chief of aerial acrobatics Association Tunde Vincze and Sandor Altorjai, the head of the gymnastic Association of Budapest was also endorsing the championships and presenting the prizes - Sandor himself an Olympic competitor in gymnastics.' commented Kay Penney - International & United Kingdom Judge and main organiser of the World Pole Dance championships.

Second place was awarded to Ilka Bardoczy with third place going to Eva Molvar

Barbara and Ilka will be representing the synchronised

doubles section in 2011 at Budapest this year for the first time – World Pole Dance on October 1st 2011 at Budaorsi Varosi Sportcsarnok starting for 4pm also show casing will be the World Pole Dance Men division and female singles division

Best Entertainer went to Barbara Palmatty
Best Tricks went to Ilka Bardoczy
Best Costume went to Barbara Palmatty

Barbara and Keem seen here in the photo

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