Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Move Syntax Coordinator World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011 Budapest

Pippa Caesar has been awarded this role this year in Budapest a very important position in the finals category for the female and male Pole championships

Move Syntax Coordinator - This position is for the WORLD FINALS ONLY in all categories
This position was successfully introduced last year and held by Deb Riley

This job will be challenging as the whole routine from start to finish is watched without a blink (almost)!!!
So being able to write down the moves as they are performed is challenging - Knowing the names of the moves is essential or being able to describe an unknown move/transition with speed – this may be a variation of a move also.
the moves are graded and marked out of 5 - 5 being the highest mark depending on technicalities of the sport

Obviously the industry has lots of different names for many of the same moves
Some moves are combinations of two moves which may be called a new name!
However as long as we use the same format and name for each contestant during the competition that is the main thing.
this position, on the judging panel, does not include judging the presentation or dance/fitness elements of the candidate’s performance just purely on the Tricks category

All other judges will judge all other categories and also the tricks category

Execution of moves (safely and effectively) must be considered when marking and listing the moves down!

The job responsibility is to look for any new moves / pole poses etc. and to label them?!! And document them – Making History

There is an award BEST TRICKS too
From the documentation collected and the rest of the judge’s scores collaboration, the winner will be chosen .
This award will be decided during the judge’s deliberation after all the competitors have competed

The documented information will also be used in the case of a ‘pole down’ whereby two same winners may have the same points - the tricks score will decide the winner.

The amount of different moves will be counted; also duplication of moves will also be noted
The one with more moves will be judged higher than that person with less moves - This will only be used during the deliberation process in the event there is a tie and not during the initial judging process in accordance to the main rules and regulations.

The written information will be collected at the end of every competition

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