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The Portable Free Standing Rpole - History of Pole Fitness & Dance Pole

The portable free standing Rpole

The history, the reasons why the pole was created

In 2005 pole fitness was now borne and thriving, my fitness programmes were in development, documented and student registration was on the increase, but something was missing………………. It was a pole that could be put up with ease, that I indeed felt safe on and one where I would feel sexy on too.
Without breaking a nail in the process without breaking out in a sweat whilst trying to erect the darn thing without fighting with spanners and step ladder or falling off a metallic podium whilst clonking my heels .

It was a vision to create a pole similar to that of a step that I often used for my fitness regime – maybe even a portable gym could be created on and around the design?

We (my husband Steve Penney and I) spend many hours exploring our creative ideas with passion and determination with a view of, if people can fly to the moon we can create a free standing pole with no ceiling or ground fixtures that would balance, be safe, yet light enough to be transported by the female instructor without injuring their back or straining a muscle before their teaching, with no tools, no manly mechanics, but pure elegance, sleekness.

I have never been so excited to see the boss (the central component) in manufacturer. For the first time in my life I could see how people are passionate about metal work!!
Our UK manufactured pole was a reality after hours of prototyping. - One of our first expeditions being explored by the worlds greatest at the inaugural World Pole Dance championships in Jamaica in 2009 of Felix Cane - Australia, Pantera Blacksmith USA , Alesia Vazmitsel UK, Tammy Morris Canada, Tracey Simmonds UK, Deb Riley UK to name a few.

Never had a free standing pole - flush to the floor without a stage or podium been developed and what’s more endorsed internationally.

It was actually a mistake our pole was always going to be a 50mm diameter (most popularly used here in the UK) but on the morning of the launch the pole (or boss) maybe had swollen during the international travel to Jamaica maybe it was the humidity!! But later learnt there is a difference between a 2inch and 50mm diameter (technical manly details!! Who knows ) however we had no choice but to use the 38mm as our demo model as the 50mm did not fit!

It was immediately loved by all, finding tricks more easily to execute with the smaller, more comfortable and secure hand grip – a revolution was identified

That was nearly 2 and half years ago and with continual progressions and development 24/7 the Rpole play is now the most light weight and portable pole on the market IN THE WORLD allowing all polers to pole where ever they want, whenever they want, however they want , challenging themselves to the extreme, developing core strength to its maximum with the slight movements challenging the inner core muscles more, just like Kat from Nottingham UK did here when she decided to climb up Ben Nevis, this summer, the highest mountain in the UK, with her Rpole play securely strapped to her back all the way – she even managed to do a short demo at the top much to the humour and amazement of fellow climbers!!

Im happy to share this clip with you – Kat my new friend and new inspiration into my pole world (now in my 10th year) will be developing new innovative ideas for the pole and our government approved REP’s accredited instructor training – that is one thing I love about poling you meet amazing people, seemingly from nowhere, every week of your life.

Kat being into extreme sports is not your stereo typical pole dancer, she is in fact a university lecturer, a doctor of psychology PhD – not your normal lecturer either!!

LIVE LOVE POLE www.r-polefitness.com co inventor of the portable most light weight pole in the world
www.polepassion.com www.worldpoledance.com www.misspoledance-uk.com

Kay Penney xx

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