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THE RESULTS World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011 - World Pole Dance Championships

The first time in history the two new categories of Male and Synchronised Pole Doubles joining the Female singles category at the World Pole Dance Championships in Budapest on 1st October 2011
Alesia Vazmitsel taking the crown

Over 70 competitors applied this year from 24 countries culminating at the finals of

World Pole Dance in Budapest on 1st October at BVUSS, “Budaörsi Városi Sportcsarnok,
Uszoda és Strand”
2040, Budaörs,
Hársfa Street 6.

The three competitons starting with the doubles category

Doubles running order (on two static competition Rpoles - one 38mm- one 50mm Rpole)
1.Masayo Okamoto, Kazuya Japan
2.Kate Johnstone & Bendy Kate United Kingdom 2nd Place
3.Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy Hungary 1st Place
4.Ana Laura Brito & Cecilia Ines Vozza Argentina
5.Michelle Shimmy & Matty Shields Australia 3rd Place
6.Olga Gordienko & Valintina Chervakova Russia

Best Pole tricks Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy - Hungary
Best Entertainer Kate Johnstone & Bendy Kate – UK
Best outfit/costume Olga & Valentine – Russia

Male competitors in running (one spinning 38 Competition Rpole – one static 50mm Competition Rpole)
1.Loic Lebret France 3rd place
2.Alejandro Cuchallo Argentina
3.Fernando Esteban Lopez Avelar (Ferios) Mexico
4.Keem Martinez United Kingdom 2nd Place
5.Evengy Greshilov RUSSIA 1st place
6.Davide Zongoli Italy
7.Matty Shields Australia

Best Pole tricks Evegnya – Russia
Best Entertainer Evegnya - Russia
Best outfit/costume Loic – France

Female singles (one spinning 38 Competition Rpole – one static 50mm Competition Rpole)

Joining last year’s No 2 seed – In running order

1 Maria Luz Escalante – Argentina
Group A
2 Elena Shishkova – Russia
3 Karry Summers – New Zealand
4 Valeria Bonalume - Italy
Group B
5 Yevgeniya Stocklin – Switzerland
6 Angela Kulegina – Russia
7 Elizabeth Munoz – South America
Group C
8 Alesia Vazmitsel – Belarus 1st Place
9 Alessandra Marchetti – Italy
10 Shanyn Pollard – Canada
Group D
11 Laurence Hilsum – France 2nd Place
12 Zoroya Judd – USA
13 Hanka Venselaar – Holland 3rd Place

Best Pole tricks Hanka - Holland
Best Entertainer Zoroya - USA
Best outfit/costume Alesia Vazmitsel - Belarus

International finals judges
Kay Penney - Head Judge UK
Alma Pirner - Hungary
Pippa Caesar - UK move syntax
Reiko Suemune - Japan
Fawnia Dietrich - USA
Jamilla Deville - Australia
Daniela Baumann - Switzerland
Jenyne Butterfly - USA

All contestants arrived at BVUSS from 8am for their registration and dress rehearsals from 8-11am pole practice took place then the professional hair and makeup artists were available for the whole team followed by a complete dress rehearsal
Many more sponsored joined the set up this year with Rpole being the main competition Pole Sponsor with their professional stainless steel poles now used in all three world championships There was the first time for many to have a test and feel of the revolutionary pole, now labelled the lightest and most portable and versatile pole in the world during the afternoon there were many interviews with media interest from China USA UK and Europe even the Wall Street Journal has a representative present
The main doors opened at 4pm to the lavish auditorium with the shows beginning at 5pm starting with the Japanese synchronised male and female couple
At 5pm we saw the Grand Opening by the two compares and Kay Penney's opening speech referencing working and placing the foundations towards an Olympic status. Kay also owner and founder of World Pole Dance and Pole Passion UK www.polepassion.com since 2003

The three Competitions were in the following order with a crowd of over 2000 present with many more thousands watching on youtube and facebook
Male singles
Female singles

The competition finished at approximately at 11.30pm with an emotional award ceremony
with Alesia Vazmitsel representing Belarus, NOW crowned the new world champion in the female category
Evengy Greshilov from Russia winning the males category and Ilka and Barbara from Hungary taking the synchronised doubles category win

for more information and sponsorship for 2012 is now taking place

0871 318 3838 - Office number +44 (0) 1293 888200

prelim running order a/b/ and c's went through to finals

30 September 2011


TIME - Thursday 29th Sept

UK - Jess Norris

Germany - Zuzanna Fuckikova

Hungary - Krisztina Nemesvári

Russia - Irina Savina

Japan - Meng Yifan

a) Russia - Lena Shishkova

b) New Zealand - Karry Summers

c) Italy - Valarie Bonalume

judges -
fawnia Dietrich - USA
simona Nocco - Italy
jamilla Deville - Australia


TIME - Thursday 29th Sept

a) Switzerland - Yevgeniya Stoecklin

b) Russia - Anghela Kulagina

Argentina - Zulma Viveana Morales

c) South Africa - Elizabeth Munoz

Ireland - Katherine White

Russia - Veronika Mikhaylova

Australia - Michelle Shimmy

Jenni gooch - UK
Simona Nocco - Italy
Jamilla Deville - Australia


TIME - Thursday 29th Sept

U K Justine Mclucas

a) Belarus - Alesia Vazmitsel

b) Italy - Alessandra Marchetti

South Korea - Nayoung Choi

Belgium - Sarah Cavenaile

Russia - Erika lakovleva

France - Doris Arnold

c) Canada - Shanyn Pollard

Pippa Caesar - UK
Mara Latasa Saloj - Sudo America Puru
Fawnia Dietrich - USA


TIME - Thursday 29th Sept
Japan - Yukari Makino Cooperstock
a) French - Laurence Hilsum
b) USA - Zoraya Judd
Ukraine - Nataliya Tatarinceva
Russia - Julia Irinina
Austria - Mona Abinger
South Africa - Vanessa Clack
c) Holland - Hanka Venselaar
Russia - Elena Artmonova

Pippa Caesar - UK
Valeria Parsai - Italy
Aimee Lawson - UK

Over 70 competitors applied this year from 24 countries

click below for TV footage

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