Friday, 29 March 2013

Martini Glass Dance Master Class presented by Pole Passion

Martini Glass Dance Master Class Dita Von Teese Style

Pole Passion Presents Alma Pirner for this unique and first time ever Master Class
Tuesday 7th May 2013
2.30pm – 4.30pm

Wesselényi utca 4., Budapest, Hungary, 1077

International burlesque, aerial and pole performer and owner of Dollhouse in Budapest

This unique and sexy special private workshop will be movements on and around the full size Burlesque Martini Glass Prop -
          Will she trust us with water …… this is the question??

It will be a 2 hour intense master class with limited spaces focusing on the core and flexibility moves used around the prop traditionally and famously used by Dita Von Teese

The cost for this unique and first one of a kind session will be

£50 per person  payable in full before May 01st 2013  in  advance to

 paypal -

Email us for more details and visit the full event webpage

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