Friday, 29 March 2013

Pole Passion East Grinstead - congratulations

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY !!  CONGRATULATIONS Karen at Pole Passion East Grinstead

Pole Passion East Grinstead headed by Pole Instructor Karen Davis, mum of two boys comments on below about her class

‘My class is a random mix of ladies. There are the Pole junkies who attend every lesson in search of a new fix; I have ladies in their 50’s that are great fun and love to laugh (at each other’s expense!) Then there’s the secret poler’s who’s pole life is a secret existence, another lady who just enjoys the pain,  (or slight discomfort we like to call it) a fresh faced 16 year old who wants to follow in her mums footsteps, those that want to compete and some that just want to tone up and shed a few pounds.
Our pole class has been running a year this March; I love my group of ladies. Not only have they all grown in ability, flexibility and strength but they have also grown as people. Pole has brought this wide variety of people together, if it hadn't of been for pole then their paths would not of crossed. I’ve personally found it interesting watching them develop as a group as one students strength is another students weakness. 
Regardless of level and ability the amount of encouragement and support I see in class is what makes our class what it is.  So thank you to each and every student who has come along to Pole Passion East Grinstead in this past year, teaching you all has been such a pleasure!’

Karen continues to develop and grow in her skills and is excited about attending Master Training in the forth coming months
she is also a dedicated team player during our competitions  Miss Pole Dance UK amateur and semi pro

For more information about Pole Passion East Grinstead Pole Fitness visit lessons on the website

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