Friday, 29 March 2013

Michelle Bebbington Brighton pole fitness

Recent interview from Michelle Bebbington who will be taking over the Brighton Pole Passion fitness classes soon    
Pole changed my life!  Anything else you would like to add about being an instructor/apprentice?

Since joining Pole Passion it has been like joining a community. Always welcomed with open arms, encouraged throughout and being guided to reach my full potential.

 I have gained so many fantastic friends who continue to grow on a weekly basis   ~  so thank you Pole Passion.

1. What word or phrase do you most often over use.
    Wicked- (i've been told)
2. What’s your best decision
Deciding to try anything that is put in front of me. You only live once.
3. ... and your worst
A few years ago wearing a lime green bomber jacket ( i loved it but looking back looked like a teletubby) 4. When and where are you most happiest
Being at the  beach, I love breathing in the sea air
5. What talent would you most like to have
Smooth co-ordination (i'm working on it)
6. Early morning or late nights
    Early morning
7. Favourite brand
Sanctuary bath luxury's from Boots
8. Favourite food
Toffee cheesecake
9. Dislike
    Chocolate  - because it dislikes me more (Allergy)
10. Favourite pole move and why?
   Butterfly - It looks fantastic and it now feels comfortable doing it after lots of practice.

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