Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Miss Pole Dance UK Winged Angels

Miss Pole Dance UK
Winged Angels Promo girls wanted
Promoting the Miss Pole Dance championships 15th September 2013

10 Special  Winged Angels
Location – Crawley Town Centre
Friday 26th July 2013
9.00pm – 11.00pm

Duties for winged angels

Looking great with an outgoing and bubbly personality
Customer service focused
Dressed to impress
Support the organisers, sponsors and spectators
Advertising the Rpole and other sponsors at the event
Photo shoot and advertising the competition on the day and before the event
Handing our flyers and information

Clothing for winged angels
Black shorts  or short skirt
Black wings (supplied) please return for future events
Black corset  or top
Black tights or stockings with a black suspender belt for the really naughty!!
Black shoes or boots which you can walk comfortably in (Please supply your own for a good comfortable fit) 

If you wish to register to be a  Winged Miss Pole Dance Angel

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