Saturday, 13 July 2013

Relay For Life REIGATE with Pole Passion

Relay For Life

It's about cancer survivors battle for life. It's an inspirational overnight 24hr event that honours cancer survivors and their families

JULY 13th 2013

Relay For Life Reigate
12 noon (duration 24hrs) 
Priory Park, 
Bell Street, 

As a cancer survivor myself  i'm proud that Sam Causon, the leader of Pole Passion Reigate is heading the Pole Passion 24 hour pole team

Shane Richie will be playing with his band, The Prelude, on Sunday morning, so please come and support them and us over the weekend

LIFE is like inches 
We fight for every new inch
We claw for every inch
There are only inches between living and dying
Fight and die for that every inch?

Look at the people next to you.
Who are prepared to go that every inch with you?
Let's heel as a team
Or we will die as individuals 

That's pole

What are you going to do? 
Go that extra inch today. Join us and support cancer charities who are fighting daily for that extra inch 
Reigate Pole Passion Fitness with Sam Causon. Come and support her Pole Passion team and together we will gain extra inches for life.

Kay Penney

Passion Fitness 

World Pole Sport 

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