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Sarah Scott Pole Passion Miss Pole Dance UK interview June 2013

Miss Pole Dance UK champion female singles and doubles - 2012/2013

Since winning the singles and double titles at Miss Pole Dance UK championships in 2012 in Brighton, how would you say this has changed your life, if at all?
I am doing my absolute dream job; Teaching and travelling, meeting amazing people

How many times a week do you find yourself on the pole now – is this more or less than a year ago?
Around 3-5 days a week, which is similar to last year - but Id say I’m more specific with when and how I train now.
Due to nature of my schedule I try to put aside specific times for my own training so I get the most out of it.

Would you say the title win has helped in your pole fitness career?
I had started teaching a few workshops before MPD but it definitely excelled my career and gave me confidence as a performer. It’s great that a non-professionally trained dancer can go onto such a big stage and win the title. Definitely, life changing.

Are you more recognised worldwide or just nationwide?

Yes I have been very lucky travelling the world teaching XPERT Pole fitness and my signature workshops, I have been to the US, and all over the UK and Europe.

Has it been easy or hard for you to adapt to your new role in the pole industry?
For the first few months it was difficult to adapt as my life changed so much. When I started I always looked up to the winners of the competition such as Alesia Vazmitsel and Sally Ann Giles and since my win I have realised how important it is to be a good role model in the industry, being positive, friendly and encouraging everyone to pole dance no matter who they are.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?
Still busy, I am off to Mexico in October, the USA in January and plans to tour in Australia and South Africa are being worked out. I have just launched my new website which I will be working on with my partner Adam on nutrition and helping people change their food habits. It’s exciting.

Who is your favourite person to train with on the pole and why?
I love training with lots of different people, I am lucky I get to meet and train with many pole dancers across the world.

Last year you had the opportunity to attend the World Pole Dance championships in Zurich what was your favourite moment of the event?
Watching the amazing talent on stage, it was such a friendly atmosphere. It’s amazing how so many different people and countries can meet and share their love of Pole.

What are your future plans for the Pole industry in the near future?
I will be continue to tour around the world teaching my workshops, but also working on nutrition and encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. Also to encourage people to get involved in pole for all different reasons. I am an XPERT Master Trainer so we have many teacher training courses coming up, teaching teachers is another one of my passions and helping to grow the pole community by making sure we have safe and effective teachers is one way I can give back.

And finally do you have any training words of wisdom to be the best?
Make sure you don't forget the little things, they can make or break a performance. Take the time to perfect your climbing, inverting, spinning and transitions - not just the tricks. When you perform - look out at the audience. Dance for you - be the best version of you.  Be confident and enjoy being on stage!

Thank you Sarah - We look forward to seeing you at Miss Pole Dance Semi pro day on 29th June at Taylors pole retreat and then again at the professional championships on 15th September at the Hawth theatre where you will be passing on the crown.
We look forward to you  show casing your expert skills on the pole and also will be promoting your workshops those days too.  Hugs

Kay Penney – founder Miss Pole Dance UK

Looking forward to performing too!

Look forward to seeing you - they will be fantastic events!

Sarah x

To see sarah perform live come to the Hawth theatre Crawley West Sussex
15th September 2013

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