Friday, 14 February 2014

New Pole Dance and Pole Sport Industry Award Ambassadors Award

AMBASSADORS Pole Dance & Fitness AWARD New Industry award created by Miss Pole Dance and World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 1st February 2014

This title and position is about recognising the contribution to the pole industry world wide and is the first of its kind in the pole dance and fitness industry.
Created in 2013 by Kay Penney, founder of Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness - World Pole Dance -  to recognise all the individuals and companies that have and continue to contribute their time and money in professionalising the industry
People are awarded this status by giving either their time or money or both to the community in the way of helping out,  by either judging, coaching, being a mentor, supporting competitors and others, developing the training, developing the  knowledge, promoting the talented and educating all etc.

Naturally the list of people is extensive and the public, students and fellow polers are requested to send in their nominations (more than one if necessary)  via email to - detailing why they would like to nominate their mentor or Ambassador

Considerations for nominations would be for;-
Length of service to the industry
Position held
Name of the company they represent
What have they currently done or are doing to help expand, develop and professionalise the pole community, now and in the future, to make it a positive, safe and professional place for all who wish to be associated to the Pole dance and fitness industry.

We, the Miss Pole Dance, World Pole Dance Organisation, will be awarding a certificate and recognising some individuals on the main stage during the presentations of all Miss Pole Dance and World Pole Dance competitions and is proud to be leading and innovating  the industry with this new award scheme.

Ambassadors Industry Award recognised by Miss Pole Dance and ~ World Pole Dance

for more details on the 2014 nominations -  visit

From left to right
Yuliya Stecher - Ukraine
Deb Riley - United Kingdom
Donna Gant - United Kingdom
Pippa Loveridge - United Kingdom
Stacey Sneddon - United Kingdom
Lena Shishkova - Russia

Also awarded on 1st February 2014
Kate Edwards - UK
Fawnia Monday - USA
Jamilla Deville - Australia
Jenyne Butterfly - USA

Deb Riley - British Pole Dance Academy
Kay Penney - Head of Miss Pole Dance & World Pole Dance

Donna Gant - 1st Class Pole Fitness
Kay Penney - Head of Miss Pole Dance & World Pole Dance

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