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Miss Pole Dance UK 2014 Professional Category - The results

P R E S S    R E L E A S E - Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships 2014

By Kay Penney - 6th

Photography credits to Geoff Pegler –

 October 2014

Pole Passion, Crawley Pole Fitness Company, hosted the Largest National Pole dance championships on 4th October 2014 at the Hawth Theatre of arts; the venue chosen for not only its local appeal but for it creative   and dynamic approach to modern shows and multicultural mix.

Over 30 men and women competitors, in the three categories and 9 professional international pole fitness and dance judges, with 8 show act performances and over 600 spectators and over 100 helpers and support team back stage, all descended on Crawley, West Sussex on Saturday from around the country to host what is now become the most prestigious and longest running pole dance event in the history of competitive pole dance competitions.

Joining the contestants, many respected and previous attending professionals chosen from the best of the best in the UK and this year we are delighted to have the World Champion Bendy Kate and Britain’s Got Talent 2014 ambassador, Emma Haslam O’Toole, and Got to Dance representative Daniel Rosen, represented the professional judging panel.

Each contestant for the finals, from the three categories Men's (10 competitors), synchronised doubles (6 pairs) and females (12 competitors) had to compete a demanding series of pole tricks, spins, poses transitions between 4-5minutes on two stainless steel RPoles, one static and one spinning, both creating different dynamics and techniques on and around the pole.

The areas of judging, from the five judges in each category, that were taken into consideration for each contestant, consisted of maximum 10 marks in their presentation of their routine, including costumes and props enhancing their performance element and storytelling; many contestants making their own.

The dance and fitness performance section consisted of 10 marks per judge which included their variety of choreography, music interpretation control and demonstration of strength and power, elegance and grace, throughout their gruelling routine also including the use of both poles, creating height and depth to their dance and acrobatic performances.

And thirdly, the tricks section, awarding 15 marks per judge, demonstrating the tricks and combination of tricks including fluidity and effortless looking transitions to their performance including, but not limited to, floor work, acro balance and circus skills

The performances displayed a huge range of emotions and storytelling with masses of heart, soul and passion expressed in these amazing aerial performances, that this growing community is displaying

The organisation is honoured that all these competitors came to compete from across the country and each year the competition just gets fiercer and we are excited to see double the amount of men competing this year from 2013

Congratulations go to Dawid Skowronek (Sk Da) on becoming the new Mr Pole Fitness UK 2014, a well deserved win and to Sam Willis for an incredible performance and 2nd place and in 3rd place Michael Donohoe

Congratulations go to the Doubles winners, the Walker sisters Kristina and Heather who also took the Best Tricks award, with an incredible close second by, Doctor of Psychology, Kat Bailey and her pole student Danielle Haynes, coming joint winners but taking second place as Heather and Kristina just skimming past them by 1.5 points in their tricks category

Our congratulations also go to Yvette Dusol on being the new proud owner of the Miss Pole Dance UK Crown, where we are sure her glory will now continue to flourish beyond her imagination

Yvette already a professional performer with a circus based background, will now be invited to represent the UK in the World Pole Dance - World Pole Sport & fitness championships in China.

Yvette Dusol has been a professional performer since a very young age and travels the world performing aerial hoop, silks and contortion. She started pole dancing only 2 years ago and it is now her passion in life, and any spare time she gets is spent on a pole. Her ultimate goal is to one day become a World Champion pole dancer.

More information is expected to be released regarding the forth coming World championships on- April 11th & 12th  in Beijing, where Pole Passion will be the hosts once more on a global scale, inviting the first and second placed finalist of Miss Pole Dance UK to represent the UK

Mr Yung Biao of China Pole Dance who will be co-hosting the event, has been studying English to prove better communications between Pole Passion and the head of World Pole Dance and originator Kay Penney, to make this a reality in 2015.


Miss Pole Dance UK 2014 Females Category

Best Tricks – Yvette Dusol
Best Costume – Charlotte Robertson
Best Entertainer – Heather Walker

 1st     – Yvette Dusol 151.5

2nd     – Charlotte Robertson 147

3rd      - Amy Williams 143

Felicity Logan - 141
Yvette Austin - 130
Amy Cowles – 106.5
Katherine White - 137
Hannah Kaynes - 106
Leah Rose - 116.5
Heather Walker - 120
Rose-aLisa - 75
Kristina Walker – 139.5
Mr Pole Fitness UK 2014
Best Tricks – Sam Willis
Best Costume – Marcin Miller
Best Entertainer – Nat Lamptey
1st  – Dawid Skowronek 115 (tricks 49)

2nd – Sam Willis 112 (tricks 52)

 3rd – Michael Donohoe 112

Sam King - 101
Jack Scott Lee - 70
Nat Lamptey - 75
Marcin Miller - 103
Paulo Casper - 47
Theo Robertson - 93
Paul Bickerton - 90

Miss Pole Dance UK 2014 Synchronised Doubles

Best Tricks – Kristina Walker and Heather Walker
Best Costume – Kristina Walker and Heather Walker
Best Entertainer – Kat Bailey and Danielle Haynes

1st – Kristina Walker and Heather Walker - 140.5 (tricks 60.5)

2nd  – Kat Bailey and Danielle Haynes - 140.5 (tricks 58)

3rd  – Rose-a Lisa and Zoe Jayne Ednay - 122

Angela Hawkes & Zorena Roe - 114
Ricia & Serena – 95.5
Melissa Sidiki & Timonie George - 113
Ambassadors of Pole Award

Additional Award – also created for the pole fitness and dance industry, last year by the Miss Pole Dance UK organisation. The first time in History ‘Ambassadors to Pole Award,’ whereby contributors to the health and safety and development of professional Pole throughout the world are awarded and officially recognised by their piers and the Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Dance Organisation.

This years nominations were

Millie Robson - Pole Photographer
Donna Gant - Master Trainer Trainer
Bendy Kate - World Pole Dance Champion
Emma Haslam O'Toole - Britain's Got Talent 2014
Sam Remmer - PDC
Steve Penney - RPole Fitness
Dan Rosen – Got To Dance 2014, Mr Pole Fitness UK 2013 Champion
Laura Ashton - Spinny TBags, Everything Pole Dancing

Kay Penney her self was also recognised in the line up this year by the other members of the MPD UK organisation

AMBASSADORS Pole Dance & Fitness AWARD New Industry award created by Miss Pole Dance and World Pole  Sport & Fitness Championships People are awarded this status by giving either their time or money or both to the community in the way of helping out, by either contribution, judging, coaching, being a mentor, supporting competitors and others, developing the training, developing the knowledge, promoting the talented and educating all etc.

Naturally the list of people is extensive and the public, students and fellow polers are requested to send in their nominations
For more information about 2014 and pictures please visit,



To learn more about this competition, please contact

Kay Penney, Media Relations
Pole Passion Ltd
West Sussex
office: 01293 888200 / mobile 07921948606

Email: or


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