Monday, 27 October 2014

Pole Fitness and Dance Holiday May 2015 - All abilities All welcome

 The week long schedule is packed with a years worth of training, whether you are an instructor or a student this week is suited for all abilities :-

Checkin Sunday 3rd May 2015 - Friday 8th May 2015
BUDAPEST  for just £500 GBP all in  which includes your accommodation and all your training

Pole Passion presents

-        Pole Tricks all levels to world class status
-        Pole choreography
-        Handsprings ( Strong Grip)
-        Shoulder Mounts
-        Superman/Woman
-        Splits Training
-        Bridges
-        Ballet pole
-        Stretch and flex
-        Floor work intermediate (knee pads)
-        Floor work advanced (knee pads)
-        Dance choreography (knee pads)
-        Mixed ability pole spins class
-        Relaxation class (leggings, towel to lay on)
-        Aerial Yoga ( leggings)
-        Silks Beginner (Leggings, Socks, Long sleeved top)
-        Silks Intermediate / Advanced ( Leggings, socks, Long sleeved tops)
-        Lap Dancing ( Bring mans white buttoned shirt and heels)
-        Martini Glass workshop sexy style
-        Chair dancing ( Heels)
-        Hoops Beginners ( Leggings, Gloves )
-        Conditioning ( Preparation for pole moves )
-        Bands body conditioning and around the pole
-        Pole circuits fitness body conditioning (Dominatrix style!!)
-        Meditation
-        Floor yoga
-        Kickboxing – boxercise
-        Introduction to Figure & Bikini Natural Bodybuilders workshops
-        Personal diet and training consultations
Private 1-2-1 training sessions
-        Pilates
       -     Spa, site seeing and relaxation

Come and join in the fun and train with industry experts and world champions in the exquisite city of Budapest

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