Friday, 24 October 2014

Pole Dancing Mats – Crash mats for exercise

One mat fits all:- Suitable for floor to ceiling poles and free standing poles including RPole / Xpole / Platinum Stages / Alistage Poles

Comes in a heavy duty PVC, which will offer great protection from high heels or bare feet!
1 Piece construction, connected together with industrial strength Velcro – you don’t even know its there!
Carry handles for easy transportation
Available in a wide variety of colours

The safety mat is suitable for Pole Fitness and Pole Dance Classes -
Great also for comfortable Stretching, Exercise, Floor Work & Yoga / Pilate Fitness

Large round safety mats 1800mm (6ft)  30mm thick
Designed for falls from 2.5mtrs making this the ideal choice for teaching and safe practice when learning new moves or inverts. Insurance compliant
Premium Quality 1800mm (6ft) 50mm thick fully reversible Safety Mat
Premium Mat comes complete with under foam as standard. ( Essential for RPole training ) The ideal choice of mats for teaching and safe practice when learning new moves or inverts.

RPole Fitness are the only pole and pole mat manufacturer to supply their professional studio poles with a full sized safety mat as standard. NO HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS
RPole are committed to safe practice and improving standards of teaching to help instructors comply with safety of students and Duty of Care to protect against injury when practicing or teaching pole fitness.
RPole offer Professional Pole Teacher Qualifications through their training center in the UK or online through  Pole Passion the UK's foremost teaching provider so you can turn your investment in your RPole into a business opportunity to teach Pole Fitness Classes safely AND complying with European Insurance standards.

RPole Mats - Ready in seconds! All mats come standard with fold ability for storage or transport
with easy to clean & hygienic with wipe clean covering. Folds away when not in use or for travel.
Comes complete with carry handles and weighs just 6kg.
Health & Safety tested to 6P for Phthalates

ORDER ONLINE NOW most credit and debit cards accepted with our secure payment partners Worldpay and PayPal
You do not need a PayPal account to make payments with your credit or debit card.
Bank transfer available on request. or call  UK (01293) 888200

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