Saturday, 16 July 2016

Pole Passion Bognor launches their new sister website -

This month saw the launch of Pole Passion's sister website 
Pole Passion - Bognor

Kay Penney, CEO, who created Pole Passion in 2003, is excited to see the expansion of her team and vision, which was set up to enable everyone to have the opportunity to practice movements on and around the pole.

Pole Passion Bognor & Pole Passion Littlehampton are headed by Sue Thompson who established her license area in 2011. 

Sue started as a Pole Passion student in 2009 at Pole Passion Redhill, and soon gathered enough confidence and skills to become an instructor and add her own skills and style to the Pole Passion community of instructors. She now has nearly 100 students who regularly attend her seven classes a week, over her five venues and two areas. To achieve this whilst also juggling her young family and other part time job, Sue is supported by her team of instructors, apprentices and assistants, Amy, Karla, Kelly, Arion and Julie. 

Over the last five years Sue has introduced a number of new, exciting classes to her students, including classes in Stretch and Flexibility, Contemporary Choreography, Exotic Choreography, Strength and Conditioning and Pilates for Pole. 

This new website is an exciting development that will put all the information about the Pole Passion Bognor and Littlehampton classes in one place, as well as giving the students access to a new integrated online booking system. Sue hopes that the new website will continue to educate people about the benefits of pole fitness and bring new students in, to try it out. 

To visit the new website or to find more about Pole Passion pole fitness CLICK HERE

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