Monday, 11 July 2016

Worthing polefit, simply the best pole fitness classes in Worthing, catering for beginners to advanced level New students welcome

We say goodbye to Dani Hibbert and Elyse Donovan, Pole Passion is now operating from a new pole fit venue, Sidney Walter Centre, Sussex Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1DS, with its spacious and airy pole room, floor to ceiling poles, suitable for all levels of pole fit, simply the best instructors and syllabus incorporating grading for all, whether you want to go for fun, fitness competitions, routines, choreography or conditioning and reshaping your body

From Bella Monnery
1. How did you get into pole
I organised a party for my birthday…. I was looking for something a little different and fun!
It was so much fun, I started class’s the next week and fell in love with Pole Fitness.

2. Why pole and not the gym
I actually do both, and more.
Pole on it’s own is an amazing sport, that builds strength, flexibility, confidence and balance whilst learning a fun new skill.
I’ve belonged to the gym for a long time and still go 2 or 3 times a week.
I’ve been doing martial arts since 2001, specialising in Kick-boxing, training and instructing for many years now.
I have also trained in Boxing, K1, Chinese Boxing, MMA and Tae Kwondo. I enjoy running and challenging myself, and I have entered a few races now. My biggest being Tough Mudder last year.

Doing all this other training helped me progress quickly. I wanted to share this great sport and encourage others to take up Pole Fitness. So I took the foundation training in 2013, Advanced training in 2014 and began teaching and have never looked back!

3. What’s your favourite move
I have many, but I do enjoy the splits moves so Russian Splits is at the top!

4. Sexy or fitness or both?
Fitness, I love all the strength and flexibility moves.
Since joining the pole Passion team, my love of the sport has grown even more.

I Regularly help at the Miss Pole Dance UK competitions and love attending and teaching at Pole Passions week long,  Budapest Pole training Retreat every year.

Pole Passion Instructors are friendly, passionate, approachable and fully qualified to advanced teacher training standards and receive ongoing instructor training and support to keep class content fresh and safe.
Instructors are fully insured to teach pole fitness and first aid trained.
Call or text 07921 948 606 now to book your place. Beginners welcome to start at any time.

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